Watching Anime while learning



The post has been closed. I understand it was a no no.
Sorry for that. Will refrain from sharing this kind of material here from now on.

Good nigh everybody.

PS: I hope this kind of material were available without going into any copyright infringement. I’m actually more than happy to pay for any material that helps me avoid the tedious process of finding, ripping, syncing subs from the show or movies I enjoy.


I’m not sure either about whether these kinds of links are within the guidelines of this forum but…

From a personal learning perspective I am very grateful to you for sharing. This should be very good training for my listening comprehension. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the links!, I’m not a supporter of copyright and censorship so I don’t mind your post or sharing of information but others here might not agree with me, either way these things help a lot.

I just hope they remain hidden and only for Japanese learners and not just for anyone to watch stuff for free (There’s lots of those already out there) so they don’t get attacked by copyright trolls :weary:

Netflix will never do something like that, they’re all about entertainment and money not learning but you can dream I guess.


Pretty sure you’re not allowed to post these sort of things here…


What someone needs to do is make a client that acts as a shell so all someone would need to do is plug in the video itself and it’ll sync with the subtitles


I just checked the legal part of the forum, and there’s nothing against it.
In particular, both links explicitly states that their goal is to provide a tool for language learning, which would be fair use. However, the reproduction of a complete work is usually not considered fair use, except with the explicit agreement of the copyright holder OR if it has been altered enough.
Whether the added tools for language learning can be considered enough of a modification is debatable…

Source: I have taken a few credits on copyright laws back in the days. My memory is fuzzy, though, so don’t take it for granted. I’m pretty confident about that, though.


Tried watching ハイキュー!! from the daiweeb site. Japanese subs only, no furigana. Haven’t watched it before, so no prior knowledge.

It went really great! The subs provides so much scaffolding. I usually prefer to have english subtitles when watching english shows as well (not a native english speaker) so that’s not really a surprise though.

However… it took me waaay to long to realize that コート was court and not coat. I was like “Why are they talking about coats? Is it a term for a specific position in volleyball or something?” やれやれ。。。


I buy all my anime from the various regions of Amazon (IT,ES,UK,FR,DE,JP), and I kind of have to struggle a bit to find a version that doesn’t have the locked subtitles from certain companies. I know reverse importation is a problem for the japanese publishers, but it kind of sucks that European region B discs have locked subtitles. :confused: There are some helpful websites such as “lockedsubs byethost7” which has been a deciding factor in my american imports. I also had to do some studying on the various versions of region locking.

I’ve saved a lot of money by having alternative ways of buying the same series, as long as you don’t mind having some foreign text on the back of your packaging.

Now I just watch my Blu-rays :slight_smile:


Malwarebytes blocked animejpnsubs right off the bat. :+1:t2:

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