Waste of time remove

waste of time remove

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What makes you wirte that? Do you have something specific in mind?

IMO people learn kinda differently shrug If you have a little bit of knowledge the answer to “how do I say xy” will probably give you much more information than a set phrase you’ll learn by heart. “Oh, so they use this grammar construct in this case.” (which you might have seen before, reinforcing it, or you might not, which might prompt you to look it up). “I never would have worded it that way!” “Oh, they don’t have a word for THAT?” “That seems like a set phrase, is it?” Even if the answer is something way beyond your current comprehension, that can be good info as well.

Immersion is great and should be utilized more by most people, but personally if my understanding is too low, my brain is likely to just skip over stuff. Some active study, of which asking questions is a part of, definitely help with that.