Was the vocabulary 丈 (だけ) meaning "only/just" removed?

This vocab came up in my review and I wrote だけ only to have it marked wrong and told it meant “height” and was pronounced たけ. I checked on jisho.org and だけ is listed in wanikani level 15 however, when I actually check on wanikani there’s only たけ listed in that level. I checked the wanikani changelog page as well and I can’t see the removal mentioned. I’m starting to think I hallucinated learning this vocab at all if it weren’t for the entry on jisho.

It seems like it was changed but they forgot to add it to the changelog. Just a few days ago there was a bit of a discussion on this


Hello! The TL;DR version is I emailed WK about how the vocab and kanji pages didn’t match in terms of reading, and the team decided to remove the だけ reading due to it being super old and obscure.


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Thank you for the information! It’s good to know I’m not just hallucinating :sweat_smile:

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