Was I supposed to receive stuff from WaniKani?



I don’t like the idea I LOVE the idea


I am so impressed with Tofugu and your policy. Not only do you create great content, between the blog, textfugu, podcasts and wanikani, but you treat the customers like i have never seen.

My letter arrived today, and I was very happy just with that. I just hit level 10 (was level 8 at the time I asked the letter, postal services in Brazil aren’t the most reliable) and I was so happy to be able to read everything. And just to put the cherry on the cake, when I thought the gift was all done, I saw the personalized note on the back and I almost cried. I’m currently struggling with depression and Wanikani is one of the few activities I still have motivation to do, and the encouragement and personal attention of the note touched me deeply. I can’t thank you enough, I will definitely be buying lifetime on christmas and be sticking around here. Looking forward to your next podcast!


Thanks for letting me know that it safely made it to Brazil!

I was living the darkest days when/after I was working at a black company, and I was depressed at that time. And you’re right — I think starting something new or having something that you can work on with genuine passion helps, at least it has helped me a lot.
I am really really happy that we’re a part of what keeps you motivated.

Feel free to send me (or us) letters, emails, tweets or whatever when you need encouragement. Keeping you motivated (and happy) is my main mission as Happiness Officer!


Got my letter & stickers in the mail today! Thank you so much @TofuguKanae , they made me very happy!


Isn’t it funny how stickers make us happy? Like, perhaps we’re doing this economy thing wrong. Instead of earning money for your work, what if we earn stickers? We can either stick them anywhere we like, or we can spend them on food, rent, etc. I’m sure all luxury cars would be covered with stickers.


the new currency of the Plantron nation. the most famous delicacy will be its 金玉 Noggins.


This sounds shady


No, that’s Shadykit nation


Yayy! You’re welcome so much! :heart_eyes:

That sounds awesome — If stickers = money, my job is like… banking :slightly_smiling_face::yen:?


I also can’t remember getting such an email :thinking:
I just sent them an email so definitely getting my hopes up :blush:


Minister of treasury in Plantron nation confirmed.

Can I be minister of anime?


NOW BUT NEVER CLAIMED IT?! lol I’d like to get free stuff lol


Yes. Send them an email.