Warning telling me I have multiple tabs open

I’m getting this for the last 2-3 hours when doing reviews. I don’t have another tab open. And reviews are processing normally. But it’s annoying. Any way to make it go away?


Did you try closing and reopening your browser?

Yes. I’ve now tried turning my iPad off then on again, but I’ll have to wait for more reviews to become available.

On IOS, try the Tsurukame App. It’s my favorite. Not sure if it’s optimized for iPad though.

Same thing just happened to me.

We’re looking in to this right now so just give us a bit of time to fix this :pray:!


If it helps… I get this message when I try to access on my IPAD, but not on the laptop. Happens on reviews but not for lessons

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I guess this is a bug (because I don’t have other tabs open right now) and it will be fixed, but may I ask you to also consider changing the styling of the error banner in case I do have multiple tabs open?

I use wanikani on 4 different devices so it’s not entirely impossible I forget to close a tab on one of them, and I may not have access to that device for some time (e.g. if it is my work PC). The banner in the top of the review screen is seriously annoying if you do the reviews on a phone or tablet, it makes everything jump up and down and pushes out the entry box. Maybe the warning can be made smaller and placed at the bottom, or floating, or tucked somewhere else so it doesn’t affect the layout?

We took down the banner for now as we’re going to take a bit longer for the fix, but thanks for the feedback in the meantime!


It’s great that you guys are adding this warning though, even if it takes a bit longer. :+1:


Never knew this feature existed.

Tsurukame works great on iPad, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

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