Want to make a study plan for myself

The jlpt is coming and I want to study kanji with wanikani, I know wanikani isn’t made for jlpt but I still want to study kanji with as I prepare for the exam.
I already know about 300 kanji and I want to reach 700 by December, so is there a way to make such a plan for wanikani system? since wanikani learning process is a bit slow for my plan


Isn’t 700 kanji possible in 6 months of WK? (At least Enlightened)

Not an exact number, but since the first two levels of WK are faster than others and considering it is possible to have average of 7-8 day levels, you could level up 4 times a month, so in 6 months you could easily be well over level 24 or so, meaning you would know about 76 % of N3 Kanji and 46% of N2 Kanji by that level. You can check the charts yourself at https://www.wkstats.com/#charts.jlpt

Edit: This means you would also know more than 700 kanji by that level. Not sure exactly how many, but going by estimate of around 30 kanji (usually more) per level.

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They won’t be well over 24 by December (unless OP meant to include December), but they definitely can make it there. At level 24 you will have learned 348 radicals, 812 kanji, and 2676 vocabulary words. You will know all N5 kanji, 99.40% of N4 kanji, 76.02% of N3, and 46.05% of N2.


Sounds like you need help from the ultimate guide to going crazy fast:

You’re going to have to use some userscripts to keep your sanity but it can be done !


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