WaniPlus not working?

Hey guys, since the old WaniPlus thread was closed I had to create a new thread.

I started using WaniPlus for custom decks when it was launched. I’ve never been into Anki, so this was a great addition to the service.

However, recently I have not been able to access the site, and my WaniPlus reviews don’t get updated. Does anyone else here have the same problem? Is the site permanently closed or what’s up?

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Yeah, the site has been down for a while now, not sure what happened. Hopefully @jhendrix13 is doing okay!
@Gorbit99 is also working on a similar extension, it works although is not yet as polished/feature-complete (apparently a bit busy with school right now) but they’ll hopefully keep working on it once they have the time!


I am really happy you found some use out of WaniPlus, but I decided to end the service. Unfortunately there just seemed to be no demand or want for such a feature, and because of that I felt there was no point to commit any more of my personal time or money to continuing the project.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and I wish you the best of luck on your future studies!

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That is a shame because I literally just discovered waniplus and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for ;;

Ah, I had a feeling this might have been the case. Totally understandable to not continue developing this on your free time!