WaniPlus - Add custom vocabulary words & decks to WaniKani

After some work, I’ve published version 1.2.0. A lot of the changes in this update are primarily in the background, not too many new features.

Version 1.2.0

New features

  • Compatibility with Reorder Omega – you can now use this to sort WaniPlus items.
  • WaniPlus items now show in the session summary page for lessons & reviews.
  • WaniPlus only mode: Will only show WaniPlus items in your lesson & review queue. Click the extension icon then find and click the checkbox for “WaniPlus-Only mode” to enable.


  • Increased compatibility with scripts that use the WaniKani Open Framework under the hood.
  • Historical record of SRS progress is now kept.
  • Refactored the extension’s backend so that when data is synced, only items that have been updated and not the entire deck.
  • Other refactoring to improve general efficiency.


  • Queue item count in lessons page is now updated accurately.
  • Lesson & review button in the navbar on the dashboard now show accurate lesson & review count.
  • The dashboard where it shows the count of each item by stage (Apprentice, Guru, …) now includes WaniPlus items.

As always, any feedback & suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you!


You can now import items from a file to your decks!

As an example, I used the Kanji from levels 61-70 of @polv’s WaniKani Kanji Beyond.

Here is a preview of the deck as-is after importing: Polv’s Kanji Beyond (Levels 61-70)

In addition to the basic idea of mapping column names to the respective item fields, like below:

I’ve added what are called special columns. These are columns that WaniPlus will look for inside of your file to give additional flexibility on how your items should be imported.

For example, if you have the column waniplus_level in your file, it will automatically create or update the item to that level. Or, waniplus_srs to set the item to a specific SRS stage (apprentice, guru, etc).

Import Guide: Special Columns

This is just the first iteration of importing. I plan to add more features and special columns to make it more powerful.

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Thanks for the updates!

Is there any way to delete a created deck? And to change its privacy after creating it? Also, do you still have plans to, at some point, add an option to export decks to for example a CSV in the same way you can now import them? (not urgent, would just like to confirm if that’ll be a feature or not)

Time to get working on some decks… :smile:

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Also - the dashboard view doesn’t have a dark mode, any chance you could add that? :grin:
And the Dashboard level progress detail script takes over the one added by WaniPlus lol (meaning there are 2 dashboard progress detail graphs and no WaniPlus one), not sure if you @jhendrix13 or @UInt2048 would need to fix that?

I just released an update to the website, you should now see the ability to edit the details of your deck.

Of course! Just give me a couple of days, and I should have something available.

I don’t have dark mode on WaniKani. What do you use? Or is there a built-in dark mode feature?

That’s pretty weird lol. I guess he is replacing any element with certain classes. I’ll take a look and see what I can do, but yeah preferably he could just easily update his code.


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I use (and as far as I know the most common is) the Breeze Dark theme (not built in, if you search the forum for breeze dark it should come up). I know I’m asking a lot, but maybe as it’s quite popular you could try to support it? Or if it’s easier / you think it’s better, you could just add a toggleable dark mode in the settings like I’ve seen some other scripts do maybe?

Thanks for all the updates!

Yeah, looks like the easiest solution would be for @UInt2048 to replace the 6 occurrences of $(".progress-component") with $(".dashboard-progress .progress-component"), that solves it!


Btw, how come kana-only vocab doesn’t have the ability to add context sentences, part of speech, etc? I feel like those are just as important with kana-only as with normal vocab right?

Removing the inline background-color and box-shadow from the child div of waniplus-decks makes it work fine with Breeze Dark, not sure if that affects it in light mode though?

Also, small visual bug with the auxiliary meanings (when editing a previously created item):

EDIT: Also also (sorry for so many bugs!), when adding an item, when you press enter for something in a field you’ve scrolled down to (eg. auxiliary meanings), it jumps the whole page up to the top and you have to scroll down again

EDIT 2: When removing a meaning on a vocab item (both when first creating and when editing), the website crashes with the error: Objects are not valid as a React child (found: object with keys {label, value}). If you meant to render a collection of children, use an array instead. In the array it prints out in the console just before crashing the item has been successfully removed though…

Any chance at some point you could add the ability to use the highlights for meaning/reading explanations? They’d be quite useful for making the explanations clearer. Or, should I just put the formatting directly into the explanation, something like this? <span class="kanji-highlight" title="Kanji" rel="tooltip">eat</span>

Another bug (sorry!!): context sentences don’t seem to save? Or at least they’re not visible when looking at or editing an item, the context sentence text boxes are empty!

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Thank you Hubbit! All of this is super helpful. I’ll go ahead and see if I can get it all fixed tonight.

To answer your question about Kana Vocab, it’s because they are technically treated as radicals. This way they WaniKani will only ask you to type the meaning.

I’ll find a way to include all the extra vocabulary info.

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Oh yeah, I’d forgotten you said they were treated as radicals, sorry. Would be great if you can find a way to include the extra info like you say!

So I just pushed an update to the website that fixes the bugs you were experiencing.

I’ll go ahead and experiment with the dark mode info you gave me.

And for your suggestion regarding meaning/reading highlights, sure. I’ll put this on the to-do list.

Thanks again


All seems to be fixed except the auxiliary meaning visibility issue.
Also just noticed that when editing a deck the description empties, making you need to rewrite the whole thing rather than just being able to edit it.
Thanks for the super fast updates!

EDIT: Also, would it be easy to add “Conjunction” as a part of speech option? Not sure what I’d put one under otherwise… Oh and “Adjective” also seems to be missing?

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Ah sorry, it’s because I forgot to clear the old improperly formatted data from saved in the items. I ran a query on the database so the affected items should be cleared.



Let me know if you have any other issues. Hopefully you don’t encounter any other bugs :sweat_smile: :joy:

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Thanks for the fixes! Being able to add things as conjunctions and adjectives is great :slight_smile: I’m working on a deck based on some frequent words missing from WaniKani, it’s great to be able to easily add the context sentences etc. with a great UI!

One future idea (although definitely much lower priority than for example context sentences in kana-only vocab :grin: ) would be to have a button or something that autofilled meanings and readings (and maybe related kanji and parts of speech?) for a word using the Jisho API. Based on a quick search the API isn’t very well documented but should return the information needed. But like I say, that’s just an idea for the future, no urgency! Your already putting lots of work into this, thank you!

EDIT: Sorry, could you also add pronoun and suru verb to the parts of speech please? You might want to split it into two columns :sweat_smile:

EDIT 2: Also, on the website, maybe include the deck descriptions on the details page as well?

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This is something I’ve had on the to-do list already. I think it would be a major conveniency to have. I’ll play around with the Jisho API and see how well it can fit for the purpose.

EDIT: Sorry, could you also add pronoun and suru verb to the parts of speech please? You might want to split it into two columns :sweat_smile:

Ah, so split the “Verb” option into all the different types of verbs?


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Doesn’t have to be all the types, up to you. Although I guess if you add suru verbs it would make sense to add eg. ichidan/godan verbs as well maybe!

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This looks great, thanks! Is there any way to directly convert an Anki Deck to WaniKani, or will it be entirely manual? It’s fine if so, I just wanted to ask first!

Tested out the tool a couple of days ago and it is absolutely awesome. However, this idiot forgot her password and cannot get in anymore. Is it possible to add a forgot password button?

There is an import feature on the website. If you can export your Anki file to .csv, you can import it directly that way. It may take some reformatting on your side but is still much faster than manually creating the deck.

If you have any issues, you can send me your .csv file and I can try to import it for you.

Haha, woops. Yeah I can get that added for you.

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Closed as per request of the OP