WaniKani's New Terms of Service


¿De verdad?



so, we can’t dress our avatars up as you anymore?


Koichi is a man of many talents it would seem.


Indeed - I know how to visit the the world wide web page of Google Translate.


i did it
boy am i screwed


all of my badges are being taken away!!!
and the kanji are being sucked out of my mind




Quick! Retreat! Maybe it’s not too late!!!


All your badge are belong to them


no, i am enjoying the vulcan mind meld to much


At least you have Stabby Durtle now :durtle_stabby:


Disclaimer: not a lawyer
I think that means if you have an obligation (like paying your bill, or something the TOS requires you to do) or a right by the agreement (like deleting your account) you can’t assign that obligation or right to another person to get out of being responsible for it. It’s still you.

a human must create your account



Have fun, see you all. Back into my real costume now.


Don’t give away your secrets! Those Mnemonics make you seem like some kind of superhuman or something.


Nice TL;DRs.
(I’m more interested in the durtle though…)


That seems to make sense. I’m not sure that covers the first sentence, though? The part about Tofugu assigning or delegating as opposed to “you”.


But Koichi has a new picture now too XD


There, I’m sending you Bertie Bott’s every flavour bean!

Oh, holy moly, I see Koichi typing!