WaniKani's New Terms of Service

It is never too late to learn more about signing your soul over to the mighty Crabigator.



Starts reading mantras


I had to undo my like, for there were 42.


Well, I’m very very very late but… I just read the Terms of Service and I have to say that it’s the first time I actually read the ToS (usually so boring)

Can I ask why is ‘Your Content’ written with capital letters?

Same reason that Service and Agreement are capitalised. It’s Legalese. Presumably to draw attention to terms that are explicitly defined in the preface.

Section A, point 2:

“Content” refers to content featured or displayed through the Website, including without limitation text, data, articles, images, photographs, graphics, software, applications, designs, features, audio, and other materials that are available on the Website or otherwise available through the Service. “Content” also includes Services. “User-Generated Content” is Content, written or otherwise, created or uploaded by our Users. “Your Content” is Content that you create or own.

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Okay, thanks! I think I missed this part…
(I should read more Tos lol)

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