WaniKani's New Terms of Service



Section P-7’s my favorite 'cause it’s the shortest: Questions about the Terms of Service? Contact the Crabigator.


The bandwidth used for doing reviews (even thousands of reviews at once) would be relatively small. What could be bandwidth-draining is if you call the API too often (for your userscript or other applications) or if you try to download all the audio files at once.


You… you’re aware that was a joke, right?


I don’t know, Koichi seems like the type of person who could strangle people if commanded by the Holy Crabigator.


y-you seem like the type of person who could strangle people if commanded by the Holy Crabigator!


Well darn, there goes my plans for an automated POLL thread completion percentage bot…
not that I’d actually be able to make one anyways



Our lives are in the hands of the courts of Portland. Keep Portland weird, and put a bird on it.


Except to the extent applicable law provides otherwise, this Agreement between you and Tofugu and any access to or use of the Website or the Service are governed by the federal laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Oregon, without regard to conflict of law provisions. You and Tofugu agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Portland, Oregon.

Guess what else is in Oregon?
America’s last Blockbuster which is in Bend, Oregon!
Even though the Blockbuster website claims there are still 9 Blockbuster stores, currently, the only one left is in Bend, Oregon.


Wow interesting news hunt you made me go on there. Even maybe a little interest in going to Bend if I ever drop by the area. I like how they’re using floppies still, haha.

Also on a more related note, what happens if we don’t accept the terms and services? :thinking: am I grandfathered into the old one?


Short version: A human must create your account; you must be 13 or over; and you must provide a valid email address. You alone are responsible for your account and anything that happens while you are signed in to or using your account. You are responsible for keeping your account secure.

And in the event your account is compromised, Tofugu can help to recover said account after the appropriate verification procedures.

Thanks Koichi!


ToS needs to include a section that enumerates our rights and responsibilities as durtle enthusiasts


I’ll admit I never really look at ToS, but this page caught my eye. Having a summary with a description for each part is actually pretty cool.
Moreover, I learnt that refunds are a thing… Even though I’m not really planning to stop paying :slight_smile:


What, you can remove inappropriate posts?? That has never happened before! Say it ain’t so!


Does it count as an interesting tidbit of the ToS if I read “User Protection” as “Use Protection”?

Yes, yes. I read not good, but bad.


why do they not have a phone service though… too many phone calls?


Because durtles don’t have opposable thumbs to operate a telephone


You can answer email at your convenience. Phones you have to answer right away. That and they only have so many people on staff. That’s my guess at least.


So as far as the Excessive Bandwidth Use part
Its not okay to refresh the page every few seconds waiting for the latest kanji reviews to pop up? :thinking:
Just kidding I rarely keep up with my reviews anyway :sweat_smile:


Just make sure not to spam F5 100x per second for a week and you’ll probably be fine