WaniKani's New Terms of Service


So, from the reading of “Must be of at least 13 years of age” and “only one user per account” I take it that the TOS prevents parents and/or guardians from sharing an account with a child to help them learn.

Over-all, this would be my only complaint, which considering I actually read every bit of fine print on every paperwork and TOS anymore. I have to admit, this is the first time I have something i agree to that only has a single minor complaint from me. Good on the Crabrigator. (Which, by TOS, cannot be a user either, as it is not human :-p )


Waaait, hold on a second. If only humans can have accounts, how does the crabigator and @koichi (our alien overlord) have one??


May it not be possible to be so powerful, that one can simultaneously be not human, and yet bend the fabric of reality such that they are also human…?

As for facts, the new Terms of Service contain 5,118 words, which is ~3.4% the number of fidget spinners sold through Square in May 2016.


I’m sure that’s not the intention. If a parent shares an account with a child to help the child learn, then the parent is not strictly a user, more like an assistant teacher.

Besides, the WK system was made in such a way that you don’t really need an assistant teacher. As long as you can understand the mnemonics, you’re free to learn at your own pace.


Wanikani does not provide phone support! If you thought you could make a call and talk to Michael in person, you were WRONG.


Did I just sign away the right to my firstborn?


No no, nothing like that, just your soul. You know, standard stuff.


I didn’t realize this thread existed until today because my eyes instinctively skips the first thread in the forums since it’s normally the “Welcome to the WaniKani Community” thread.

All the snarky and clever remarks have been taken already :frowning:


Motion to amend: In part “2. Account Requirements”, first bullet point, replace “must” with “should”. Insert after “to create an account” the sentence “Exceptions may be made by mutual agreement of the parties.”


I like the easy to understand version. Might be the first time I ever read through TOS.


Wow, a breakdancing Jesus painting. Wow. XD


If there was an option for a family account, you could probably structure that a couple of ways—say one family account pays for five accounts, you give the original payer four unique “lifetime for free” or “year for free” or whatever coupons via email and register four more members under four different email accounts with those coupons as payment, creating five unique accounts or extending pre-existing accounts. Like you point out, you couldn’t really control whether the “family” members are indeed family without some extra accountability system (I bet professors out there would leap on something like this if they could get the funding, and someone could post extra codes on the internet to strangers, or apply extra coupons to their own account), but you’ve at least satisfied the “unique accounts” requirement. Anyway, it’s up to WK whether they want to offer such an option and how strict they’d want to be with it.

The problem I can see could be people registering for multiple accounts and then jumping to another account when they get banned, but that’s some premeditated money and effort and hassle. Unlikely.


I don’t know what a durtle is, but in the interest of finding out: You can request a refund for any reason within 60 days of payment, and it is the responsibility of WaniKani to inform us users of any changes to pricing well in advance!


I know, right? I’m trying to think of something to say so I can be worthy of a badge, but there’s nothing left to be said. :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be ridiculous! Do you think they’re monsters?

Anyway, the TOS clearly specifies that you may choose your second and/or third born (which may also solve the family account question).


Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through the Service may be governed by rules that are separate from these Terms.

Contests? I like contests! :smiley:


WaniKani Wednesday:


The last one:



These are great! I haven’t been spending any time on the forums lately, so I totally missed those posts.


What is a durtle?

I really liked the email we received in regards to the new terms of service, and I think this is the first time I see post by the yuumei Koichi !


I know a few people here in Seattle that would LOVE a “spam haven”, but I’m fully on board!