WaniKani's New Terms of Service



Im in australia and carry the emotional baggage of a 60 year old but have the emotional intelligence of a 10 year old. So i should probably pack my bags…

This is the first Tos I’ve ever bothered to sort of read thanks to the short summaries that cut through the BS legalese. So cheers. Do I get a prize? There’s the 10 year old inner me, wanting cake.

Edit: holy crap I got cake


Oh, I got the email about this tos and read it completely after reading tos completely yesterday.

Alan Durtsquare.

Ichoku ichoku. :dancing_women:‍♀


You wouldn’t fax a pizza. :rage: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I see I am not the only one surprised about the age 13 thing…

Granted I think I only started using forums when I turned 12. But, ah, today’s youth are a different breed. Who knows what they might get interested in early. If I had language sites when I was a middleschooler like there are today, you bet I would have been rummaging around on them.


Most websites do have a 13+ policy because it’s simply more complicated / not legal for them to have people under 13. Not exactly ideal for a language learning community, but more ideal for social networking. Nonetheless, not much you can do.

It’s also been in the privacy policy since forever so there’s that I guess.


You really know how to motivate people to do things, you probably have some behavioral experts on board don’t you?

Well the tidbit I’m posting is the many ways I can screw up and you will not be held accountable, nice protection haha don’t know much about law yet but I liked of how many different hypothetical situations are considered on those terms.

Haha they made fun of me for being dumber than my 12 year old cousin, but jokes on him because I’m the only one getting WK xD

And also I commend you for being the first company I have seen to value not leaving the clients in ignorance in the offchance that it might be used against them if problem arises, that just built my trust in you further.


So everything here is governed by the laws of Oregon. Specifically Portland which boasts a traditional Japanese Garden. Coincidence? I think not.


Damn it, I hate oregano on my salad.


Since it goes against Wanikani’s TOS to share an account, not to mention that it would seriously mess up the SRS and who want’s that?, it would be awesome if Wanikani created a pricing tier for family use, or at least multiuser. My oldest son is about to start studying Japanese and I think Wanikani is the best resource out there for learning kanji. My youngest son will be starting Japanese next year. It’d be awesome to have an option for a family account–especially if there were a discount involved!


Your login may only be used by one person — i.e., a single login may not be shared by multiple people.


Twin-brothers Humpty and Dumpty.


You raised a good point. Would a conjoined twin be counted as one person or two persons?


TL:DR ToS is now my new favorite thing. Solid idea my doods.


Maybe if you email them they can work something out? :thinking:


Best TOS ever. Best TOS thread ever.


In your case it would indeed be awesome, but it’s also very easy to exploit. How do you even define “family”? How do you prove that you’re related to someone? Even if it says so on your personal ID or birth certificate from country XYZ, how is WaniKani going to confirm that it’s not fake ID?


Ah man, when I first saw this I was blown away. Why can’t more websites build a TOS like this? It’s actually…engaging? The summary at the top and the short versions are fantastic! Thank you for making it more readable and user friendly :slight_smile:


I wonder if WK could have a recommendation program. Like if a friend registers for a credit card with my name as reference, I get some money. Or it could be a free month.


If it stays in the realm of personal and not public, then we wouldn’t know any better :slight_smile:

We are more concern about the distribution of proprietary content which is outside the scope of the user’s permission. Does that make sense?


Wait… What??? Why can’t I use Wanikani servers for spamming anymore?! (T.T)


WaniKani only offers support via email, in-Service communications, and electronic messages. We do not offer telephone support.