Wanikanify - A Google Chrome Extension

Wow this is amazing. While some of the translations are technically the correct literal translation like “Time” and "回” instead of "時間”. It’s still so fricken useful for reading it doesn’t matter. I am impressed.


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

I realize that I’m resurrecting an old thread but this plugin doesn’t seem to work for me. Does anyone use it currently and, if so, have advice on how to make it work? I installed on Chrome, entered my API key, and went to some pretty basic wikipedia pages (dog, child, king) and it doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve hit the button multiple times, turned on autoload, everything I can think of.


I just started to use it with the latest version of chrome(39.0.2171.99 m if that helps) on two computers with no issue. Maybe try disabling and reenabling it?

It was cool till I started using it and realized… while mixing two languages sounds productive, in reality, there are two sections of my brain… one for Japanese and one for English. Being able to think clearly and independently in each language is important so I will not be using it. For example… seeing things like the English word “in” translated as 中 is absolutely not benefical and is hard to ignore and could end up being detrimental to me. Very creative use of API and Chrome Extensions tho!

WOW! I’m getting this right now!

Any chance of there being a similar app for Firefox?

I might have to go back to Google Chrome just for this.


i lied

not working for me now, either.  it used to, though

nice i will try this out :smiley:

This is awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:

I. Absolutely. Love. This!

It’s not working for me no matter what i do. Any suggestions on what to do? Entered the api key and made sure i was actually looking at something that i’ve learned on wanikani and it still wont translate it.

Nvm it started working after i requested a new api key and cleared the cache

is seems someone asked if there was a firefox version and didn’t get a response, so i’ll just post it now while this thread is alive again: looki made a firefox version that you can find here.

This is such a great idea, if only it were available on Firefox. I guess I’ll have to use Chrome sometimes just for this.

LOL just found out this works on Netflix Subtitles! :D


this is awesome!