WaniKani website running slow

Same here, kept losing connection during reviews.


Reviews keep disconnecting me as well.

EDIT: Looks like it’s been fixed.


Same here - keep loosing connection and can’t review.


Thanks everyone for reporting this! I’ve let the engineers know about this and will update y’all when we have more info on this.


Knock it out of the park arlo

Home run

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Got a timeout on my big batch of 8 reviews =P
So still happening. But is manageable.

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Same here, since this morning I’m keeping losing connection while doing reviews

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Same here can’t review more than 5 items before getting disconnected again


Just did 60 reviews and 5 lessons without issue, I’m on Brave browser

We’ve tinkered and reset some stuff on our end, so hopefully the issue has gone away now. If it’s still happening, let us know!


Could be a one off, but its happening to me today. Where it keeps saying I timed out even tho im actively doing reviews and when I tried to log in today there was an error and I had to refresh for it to work…so I’m not sure what’s going on lol

I tried on mobile browser and on chrome desktop and it’s doing it on both so I dont think its on my end. (Id guess it says I timed out every 2-3 minutes)

This keeps happening to me too, but also I think today is a ‘new stuff’ day so maybe it’s related to putting the new kanji and vocab into the mix.

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I kept getting kicked out of reviews this morning. The reviews themselves loaded slow, as did the item information. Wasn’t a real big problem, just a slight groove-breaking inconvenience. No clue if WK is updating today or not.