WaniKani v2 Postman Files

Hi friends !

I was about to create a new project using the WaniKani API, but I needed tooling.

So I took the day to generate Postman file by getting all the curl command line from the API documentation and generate a Postman collection file for all the routes.
I also generate a Postman environment file so we can uses different API key and URL depending on which environment you are using.

The description of the routes contains the curl command, so all devs can understand what it does :wink:

There’s a small guide to install those file into Postman.
I will create a more visual one for the next minor version :wink:

I decided to publish it to github, so anyone can use it.

It’s open source(MIT), so you can do anything with it, and if you see something that is wrong, feel free to submit a PR :wink:

It will be even simpler to create new app now :wink:

@viet, feel free to uses it and change it for you and you team :wink:

Kami bless the Crabigator !


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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