WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2023, All Aboard!

Reached Level 24. It’s hard to keep myself from doing all the lessons at once tbh :laughing: For now I did the radicals and vocabs until my apprentice item count reached ~100.

I think it’s just a matter planning. First chance is of course after the level up: doing all vocab and radical lessons (there are way less radicals from level 20 on btw) and before these are guru’d finish all the kanji as well. Very stressful upfront but you could tackle the rest of the level at a more leisurely pace.

Better strategy is probably this: not planning out much at all except when the last 5 or so kanji items are left, do all vocab lessons first and then do those in one batch, which should get you 0/0 a few days before level up, no matter if that took you 7 days or 70.

For when even those are weird I can thoroughly recommend the Rendaku Info userscript btw.