WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2023, All Aboard!

All around the world we’re shifting into the 2022 sphere and I’d like to take a moment to officially state that the race is on! Of course people have already started their jog, myself included, but I thought that making the starting point clear might boost everyones spirits! I hope you’re all eager to get the show on the road, I just crushed my 30 lesson stack in celebration and urge everyone who might have lessons lingering around to do the same.

I’d also like to recommend the Self Study Quiz script if you guys wanted to consolodate your efforts on things you might be having trouble with. Do be careful with its use though! WaniKani is set up to train retention by making you wait for your reviews, try not to use the study quiz everytime you have a little bit of trouble!

If anybody else has any neat recomendations to help with learning, script or otherwise, please do share!