WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2022, All Aboard!

Oh you’re right. Lv 20s are really giving me hell. Hope to get there soon as well. Will be happy if I can hit lv 40 by year end


Speaking of races, this reminds of that Toyota at the 2016 24 hours of Le Mans race. The car had the lead for 23 hours 59 minutes until the very end where the car stopped due to losing power. They were disqualified from finishing the race.

Toyota wins the 23 hours, 59 minutes of Le Mans

(Porsche won the whole 24 hours but no cares)


This will be me when I’m steadily middle of the pack for two years until in the last week I magically complete 10 wanikani levels and make it to level 60 before all y’all.


頑張れ! :smiley:


Those 30s guys are Vroooming seriusly :grin:


I recall a message where you asked for strategies to identify similar kanji some time ago… At that moment I used to make my own mnemonics but soon I realized it was not enough considering the great deal of look-alike items so, I started listing those mistakes during my reviews :sweat_smile:

Maybe there are some errors (I didn’t search the exact meaning for all of them, mostly wrote the meanings as they are stuck on my mind)… The next step will in fact be to make some brand new mnemonics.

This is a gift for all my fellow Vrooomers:

Similar kanji

経 - 怪 Pass thru - Suspicious
急 - 負 Hurry - Lose
役 - 投 Role - Throw
熱 - 然 Heat - Nature
度 - 席 Grade - Seat
職 - 識 Employment - Discerning
確 - 難 Certain - Difficult
喜 - 善 Rejoice - Morally good
余 - 企 Surplus - Plan
思 - 息 Think - Breath
仕 - 任 Doing - Duty
逮 - 捜 Apprehend - Search
模 - 構 Imitation - Set up
続 - 統 Continue - Unite
輸 - 輪 - 論 Transport - Ring - Theory
周 - 個 Circunference - Individual
調 - 詞 Investigate - Part of speech
額 - 領 Amount - Territory
永 - 氷 Eternity - Ice
礼 - 札 Thanks - Label
浴 - 容 - 裕 Bathe - Form - Abundant
振 - 張 Shake - Stretch
印 - 叩 Seal - Strike
諦 - 締 Give up -
郎 - 限 Guy - Limit
悩 - 脳 Worry - Brain
順 - 訓 Order - Instruction
妹 - 姉 Younger sis - Older sis
音 - 昔 Sound - Long ago
専 - 導 Specialty - Lead
科 - 料 Science - Fee/material
被 - 波 Incur - Wave
作 - 昨 Make - Previous
賞 - 堂 Prize - Hall
難 - 確 Difficult - Certain
対 - 村 Anti - Village
故 - 格 Reason - Status
担 - 迫 Carry - Urge
告 - 造 Announce - Create
得 - 提 Acquire - Take along
詳 - 許 Detailed - Permit


Level 33, didn’t even have to move my name up on the chart this time.


I didn’t have to move my name up either! That’s the first time that’s happened to me.


Finally - Made it to 32 :smile: Been a long month, with a couple of family trips, but I am slooowly catching up. Finally got the review pile under control - it had gotten up into the 900s because I refused to put it in vacation mode and break my streak, just did a few each day to keep it going. Took a solid two weeks to work that down to zero, but as of 15 minutes ago, it’s there! Of course, I made it worse by trying to chip away at the lesson pile at the same time, and the level up means that the almost manageable pile is now ridiculous again, but so long as I can get back in my groove before my school year starts up again in 2 and a half weeks, we’re all good. Just happy to be moving again.


Level 22, and I’m beginning to appreciate the point about the kanji becoming more abstract and the mnemonics ….
Still, it was 10 days for level 21, and I’ve started (re)-watching Cure Dolly videos on my commute to the office.
I think I’m going to have to start learning body parts and Kyudo terminology, and treat the class as an immersive experience (and I do want to be able to understand the instructions given to other people - as well as me)
I did some reading, (Yotsubato!), but not very consistently. I think I may try and use some more time for that, even if it slows me down to 2 weeks / level - that’s still good progress, I think.


Level 24!
6 levels to go before the end of the year. This puts me at a comfortable 20 DPL, with my current DPL (14) I should be halfway through level 32 by late December.

These last levels have caused my accuracy % to go down a couple points (from 96% to 94%), and I’m pretty sure I have been at 80-90% accuracy for most of my recent reviews.

What’s frustrating is the amount of specific translations you have to remember. My 喜 has gone down to apprentice more than a few times because I keep answering “Happiness” instead of “Rejoice”, I can’t come up with any other examples but you get the point.

Anyway, good luck to everybody and keep racing.


Wooo! Finally got to 20!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Only took 14 days to get to level 19, if i keep this pace then i could make it to level 30 by the end of this year


Forgot to post last level but woohoo! I’m in hell!


Same here! Welcome to hell!


Level 45!!! :partying_face: After long, gruelling 47 days!


Complaints time: I’ve been dealing with pretty bad recurring illness for the past few months. I ended up falling so far behind, especially on lessons. Turns out it was just hayfever. :melting_face: Anyways, now that I can go about my daily life as normal, and I’ve managed to catch up - I feel that I am finally ready to rejoin the race again. Damn so happy to be back! :333

Also, big congrats to everyone for all the hard work and level ups :cat2: :cat2: :cat2: I see there has been a lot of updates to the table.


Can’t wait to join the crowd of 30 but I’m happy I’ve finally passed lvl 24. My longest level yet!

But I can be happy that I took my time with this and interviews because I got the job I wanted and I’m recognising more kanji in the casual reading I’m doing once in a while. Although I should really focus on some grammar too otherwise all I’ll know will be the alphabet haha :sweat_smile:

What’s the level that took the longest after 24 for you guys?
Seeing the conversations here prepared me for being patient on this and didn’t panic that it was taking me a long time to remember the new kanji.


Funnily enough that’s when I got my act together


But 32, I guess? lol


Really rough study weekend, I feel like I forgot everything overnight, and my accuracy just plummeted. Maybe I will be on level 28 for a while, I guess it’s time to strap in.

Maybe it’s all those cursed early 20s items coming back, and I still don’t remember them properly… sigh.


I feel you, I’ve had a tough time remembering kanji for the past few levels, and consequently, vocab. I think it’s best to not worry about it, as long as the item remains unburned, you’ll learn it eventually.


Finally out of level 30. Feels good to be hitting 80% accuracy again, and haven’t seen any 60’s in over a week. Here’s to hoping I can maintain this pace till the end and won’t need need to drop speed again