WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2022, All Aboard!

and it’s with great pleasure i noticed @shikaji joined as well! woohoo!

let’s bubble along!


Hi everyone,

I’m making very slow progress (hopefully lasting progress) but I joined the race because it seems fun and might motivate me to tackle the 100 lessons waiting for me :smiley:

Let’s start the new year with good resolutions !


I just looked at the Leaderboard script source code and found that it supports import from CSV, which is a minimalistic spreadsheet format. So it’s possible to copy the table into a spreadsheet editor of your choice (or a decent text editor if you know how CSV works), remove all the columns except the one with usernames, export it to CSV, and then upload it by clicking the second button from the left. This should ease the pain of entering every username manually :durtle:

If you're getting an error about file type, there's a somewhat simple fix

I guess if you have MS Office installed, your OS will treat CSV as an Excel file, and that’s probably how the author ended up with this line in the script:

if(file.type === 'application/vnd.ms-excel'){

I don’t have any spreadsheet apps installed, so my browser treated this the file as “text/csv”. If you have the same issue, you’ll need to find the script in Tampermonkey (or Geasemonkey, or whichever UserScript plugin you’re using), open it, find the line above, and replace with this:

if(file.type === 'application/vnd.ms-excel' || file.type === 'text/csv'){

This should fix the error and let you import the CSV.


I downloaded the leaderboard info and yeah, it looks like the only info in it is the username in col1 so…this is actually a great way to get people into the leaderboard script

Edit with proof of ease of import


Joined! :333 Very excited for this, the energy of everyone trying is super motivating already :smiley:


|30|Visorado|12/31/2021/?|Days Per Level|Starting level = 30 |Total Levels Gained during Race|Burned Turtles = 0!|


You’re actually meant to copy and paste that into the wiki post (the first comment). Just edit it in and follow the same format everyone else did and your name will show up there along with everyone else


lol Okay thank you!

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Would you like me to edit it in for you?


You’re not weird, my first thought was Kirishima :blush:


Ehehehe, I honestly didn’t expect to get such a large amount of energy from everyone but I’m happy I did! I seriously hope we can all meet at the 30 mark at the very least and shake hands before we go into the final sprint. I strongly beleive we can all hit that mark! Don’t give up and make sure to use Vacation mode if neccesary! Getting demoralized by large amounts of reviews is a serious danger.


Ok, I’ve never done anything at all interactive on here because I am HORRIBLE at keeping up with communication, but I’ve giving it a try! Here’s hoping this helps to keep me accountable :slight_smile:


well this seems fun! I’m always down for some friendly competition.

I was doing really well last year until I got wrecked by the stress hurricane and felt strong-armed into dropping Japanese for months. :frowning_face: makes me cringe. but I’ve just recently started to make some actual progress on what was a 1200+ review stack, and I’m looking forward to making more progress in the new year. お互いに頑張りましょね! :blush:


This is exactly what I was looking for! This was my first year using wanikani and it was a disaster. I stoped twice, once in level four and again in level nine, for months… Only stopping by eventually to review. It’s been about a month since I really came back, tackled my 1000+ review pile, and slowly, but surely, start progressing again. Hopefully I’ll keep the pace and next year I’ll be half way there (I’m one of the slowests on the board, so it’ll surely feel good) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


me too but welcome!

Congrats both of you for tackling the 1000+ review pile, I haven’t had that happen yet but it is definitely a win to get through that!

also welcome to the competition


Count me in!


All around the world we’re shifting into the 2022 sphere and I’d like to take a moment to officially state that the race is on! Of course people have already started their jog, myself included, but I thought that making the starting point clear might boost everyones spirits! I hope you’re all eager to get the show on the road, I just crushed my 30 lesson stack in celebration and urge everyone who might have lessons lingering around to do the same.

I’d also like to recommend the Self Study Quiz script if you guys wanted to consolodate your efforts on things you might be having trouble with. Do be careful with its use though! WaniKani is set up to train retention by making you wait for your reviews, try not to use the study quiz everytime you have a little bit of trouble!

If anybody else has any neat recomendations to help with learning, script or otherwise, please do share!


I have 189 lessons… I want to but I am scared

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Take out 39!


Hi ty for making this I’d love to join :3 Looking forward to learning more kanji!