WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2022, All Aboard!

Have you tried spreading out the kanji throughout the level? My strategy has been doing 3 kanji and 9 vocab lessons a day, which results in about two weeks a level, so twice as slow as speedrunning, haha. WK has roughly 1 kanji for every 3 vocab items, so as long as you aim for a 1:3 ratio of kanji to vocab, you won’t fall behind on vocab even with the reorder script. If other strategies haven’t worked for you, it might be worth trying! I’ve heard from lots of other people who’ve said that distributing the kanji throughout the level like this prevented burnout for them.

You do sacrifice that additional sense of accomplishment, haha, but I’ve found that it actually helped me immensely to make my daily workload as consistent as possible. Leveling up is perhaps less exciting, since there’s basically no change in your day to day life, but it makes it a lot easier to put in the work each day, and that’s the part that counts the most for me. I’ve been able to do WK every day with absolutely zero fatigue.


I use the reorder script to always do all vocab lessons first, then kanji, then radicals. When I finally get to the radicals I just do all of them in one batch: 0/0 - get :sunglasses:


God, i can’t be the only one getting angry when i only need 1 Kanji to lvl up and have to wait until tonight. :exploding_head:

EDIT POST 8pm reviews: Finally, i’ve reached lvl8 as predicted. Good day it is. :partying_face:


Tried, yes, but also failed :sweat_smile: I’m not good with moderation and doing lessons in small daily batches is just excruciating, even though it would be smarter in the long run. What I’ll aim for is the compromise of doing at least only the first half of the new Kanji at once and the second half a day or better two days later or something like that.

I also suck at following my plans, though, so on top of all of that I’ll wing it anyway probably - I’m just horrible :laughing:

Hats off to you! Pretty envious but I’ll figure it out … maybe, someday. Hopefully.


I personally find getting 0/0 to be kind of exhausting, I like to line everything up in batches. Grab all the Radials at once and do them over 3-4 days then Kanji over 4-5 but with Vocab there’s over 100 so I like to grab them in sets of 30-40 so I can get 1-2 tests out of the way before getting the next set. I’ve been pretty anal about learning on’yomi and kun’yomi so I can figure stuff out. Thank god for Jukugo, I feel relieved whenever I see one


And level 16! My first level up for the race down


Reached Level 24. It’s hard to keep myself from doing all the lessons at once tbh :laughing: For now I did the radicals and vocabs until my apprentice item count reached ~100.

I think it’s just a matter planning. First chance is of course after the level up: doing all vocab and radical lessons (there are way less radicals from level 20 on btw) and before these are guru’d finish all the kanji as well. Very stressful upfront but you could tackle the rest of the level at a more leisurely pace.

Better strategy is probably this: not planning out much at all except when the last 5 or so kanji items are left, do all vocab lessons first and then do those in one batch, which should get you 0/0 a few days before level up, no matter if that took you 7 days or 70.

For when even those are weird I can thoroughly recommend the Rendaku Info userscript btw.


I guess I’m only one having a dirty mind here. What’s wrong with me, goddamn.


[I hope I’m doing this right - first post in the forum :partying_face: ]

Saw this post two weeks ago and was unsure if I was up for the challange, but now that I leveled up to lv.4 a few days ago I’m really motivated to reach level 30 this year! I’ve been silently reading the forums for the last few weeks and was very happy to see so much support - so I wanted to be part of this :slight_smile: To a manly race! :durtle_hello:


Welcome to the race!

We happen to be in the same level bracket so hopefully I’ll see you at 30 in December. ✩


Thank you! :blush: I hope that too! All I have to do is decrease my DPL :’)


Hello everyone!!

I joined the race a couple days ago but I’ve been so focused on getting my lessons and reviews done that I did not have time to make a post yet haha. I’m wishing everyone the very best and I am excited to race together!!

Quick question cuz im still so new to all of this: sooo my lil profile pic and badge icon says 13 but like on my wk review page it says level 14 progress and the email i got from wk said “welcome to level 14” sooo am I level 13 or 14? I am unsure haha.

Looking forward to progressing together Manly Racers!!!


I’m not very experienced with the forum/WaniKani/ etc, but I read somewhere, that it can happen, that it takes some time to update your Level Number in the forums. Logging out and in again could help :slight_smile:


Mid-January is still ok to make new year resolutions right? Count me in!


welcome! i moved you up in the table just in case you panic lol



once you logout and back in, you’ll have a choice to set your flair to either here:


under preferences


Thank you!

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yayyyy i think it worked!!


Every time I level up, first thing I do is log out and back in lmao. Gotta show off the new number ASAP