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Heya, just recently read this portion of the thread. I started working on a fork of this last night since it was going to just be a small change for personal use, but it felt weird not having it version controlled so I published the fork to a personal repo (linking to your original posts).

The changes I coincidentally address the request @Saida made later in the thread for a descending order. I describe this in the page I made for the fork here.

Would you want me to contribute my changes to your original script or leave them in my fork? I’m fine with either, but would seriously want to keep code publicly versioned controlled if so. I don’t have an account on GreaseMonkey, but if it’s able to do that, then I can totally contribute through there.

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Please leave them in your fork. I’m not using WK right now and I don’t know if I ever will again, so I don’t really want to spend time on maintaining the scripts I made. Feel free to use my code in your fork and share it with other users if you’ve made some changes that can be useful for them :slight_smile:


could you explain what the number mean? sorry if I’m asking the stupid questions here but I just don’t get it

I take it to mean that Towe doesn’t want to spend any time on maintaining this script, so Sonarius should just publish their changes as a new script rather than having Towe update the original.

In case you missed it Sonarius did publish their script here


Like Kumirei pointed out, I’m maintaining a fork of this project as Towe is retiring theirs. If you have new questions, feel totally free to ask on the thread for my fork since I’ll be monitoring for alerts on it to answer new questions.

The quick answer though is: the numbers count the amount of items left at each SRS level for the current review session. There are 4 apprentice levels, 2 guru levels, 1 master level, and 1 enlightened level.


Thank you !

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What can brown do you for?