WaniKani somehow accepted my empty answer

I don’t really know how did I manage to do that.


Guess the crabigator’s fired…


@RachelG, are you the correct address for this? :thinking:

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Interesting…are you using any scripts or an app?

Yes! Thanks for tagging me :pray:


I use it on my PC only, this screenshot was taken on an Android phone in a Chrome browser, so no userscripts were active.

Is it possible that you accidentally pressed space bar and the enter button consecutively? Sometimes when I really do not know the answer for the “meaning” I press space bar instead of guessing and after pressing the enter button this is how it looks like on my end. Maybe this is what happened to you?
:thinking: :man_shrugging:


Well, maybe.

Also, just noticed that it’s your cake day, so congratulations!

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W-why t-thank y-you!

I don’t either…

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