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The stunning revelations that are coming out as I progress through level 25 :open_mouth:




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Probably photoshopped. :roll_eyes:

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casually invoking Satan with my reviews.

burned… I suppose he is in hell


This feels like a milestone of sorts:


Don’t worry: it took me a minute to figure out why that was marked wrong.


Apart from the first one, I’d say you could make a case for being correct even though you didn’t remember the exact word WK uses. If you look at an actual Japanese dictionary that defines kanji, you often see so many meanings. Here’s 別 from Super Daijirin:

① わかれる。「別居」「別杯」「別離」「訣別(けつべつ)」「告別」「死別」「生別」「惜別」「送別」
② 区分けする。「区別」「差別」「識別」「判別」「分別」「弁別」「類別」
③ よその。ほかの。ことなる。「別意」「別字」「別条」「別状」「別人」「別宅」「別途」「別派」「別名」「別世界」
④ とりわけ。「別才」「格別」「特別」

(Under #3, you have 異なる, which is to differ.)
And if you forget the WK official meaning but internalize the feeling of what the kanji means, I’d say you’re doing fine. (I’m pretty liberal with the “ignore” button and added synonyms these days because I find WK’s definitions to be quite narrow and incomplete by design.)


My race to all burned leaderboard.
Mostly a list of level 60s I have seen around on the forum, and that I have somehow interacted with at some point. Minus those who aren’t registered anymore. Plus a few VIPs. (click to expand)


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Where is this on WaniKani?