Wanikani screenshots 📸


Wow. What’s the name of the extension where you see these example sentences? :open_mouth:


Are you fricking kidding with me…




So satisfying, 35 minutes doing it and it’s all correct.

will take a nap now…





My first enlightened @53 days level 6


Motivation failing … and I haven’t even had my first burn yet!


Just do 10 reviews whenever you have a little time. While cooking, maybe while waiting in line, or while walking to the shop, etc. You’ll find that by doing a little every time, you’ll get through your reviews in no time. Don’t focus on speed, take the time you need.


I haven’t either… actually it’s more than 1 month away. Just enlighten as much as you can!


So this just happened

All items on wanikani guru+ :scream:
Let’s see how long I can keep it that way… :smirk:



I like those numbers more than I should.


So many feels in here:

12h until the next review! Is this heaven? (Well, reality actually) And only 35 reviews? Oh joy

Then… Well that one apprentice item, that one damn leech. It’s a radical. Why. Go away, I don’t like you, I don’t need you, I don’t want you. Adds “radical” as synonym.
I also thought I would be < 100 guru items today, but burns haven’t been kind.
Still, I really feel like WK is getting more manageable, finally.


Ikr?! I’m so proud of you Naph, you’re a big motivation. :green_heart:



Tell us about the radical. Then that leech will disappear like snow before the sun.


As far as I am concerned, it is gone already.
If you really need to know, it’s 将 I keep answering without thinking either general or shogun, but WK wants commander. I could add those as synonym instead, but it’s less satisfying than the pure dismissal that is adding “radical” as a synonym.
Fun fact, the kanji 将 is already burned. It has the same meaning though. Go figures.


Haha! You have some fun words on that. If you can get those under your best, you’ll either sound smart or obnoxious. A lot of them are older words that people don’t tend to use seriously anymore, like newfangled, malarkey, and fiddley. They are words that I only use to sound like my grandpa or something.


I know the screencap might be a little large but I just had to celebrate this…

I’ve got my first four kanji mastered, hooray!

I know that they’re not very hard kanji but it still is a feel good moment.


Yeah, why IS WaniKani so slow? Someone should ask about that.


Oh boy! mOre ReVIeWs aRE aVaiLaBLe :expressionless:


I don’t even know what happened here…