Wanikani screenshots 📸


Been a while since I last posted here.
My overall motivation kind of died too.
But I’m slowly getting back on track now! (again!)


What script are you using here?


Well it’s been a while since I last posted here. Images are darker because of light filter and it’s 11pm but I left my reviews until now and I need my screen to be darker and my blue light filter isn’t working aaaa.
Too lazy to take multiple screenshots and merge them together so a zoomed out screenshot instead.

Also I have pretty much nowhere else to share this but I’m constantly getting 確認 correct because I keep saying 確認しました in some rhythm games I play. Whatever works I guess.


Rhythm games? Sounds interesting.


I’ve a new favourite reading explanation.

In other news: the return of 0/0.
In other other news: 90% is no longer apprentice I!


Oof. Don’t go fast if you don’t feel like it. You can clearly see how I burned myself out in the last month



Woops, Christmas break (and testing Star Wars the Old republic) have distracted me.


So close :sob:




My best session in a long while. Though there are definitely three or four that I could’ve easily gotten right …


The first day with <100 reviews in over a year!



Being one day from level up be like


Looks like your double-scoop ice cream cone fell over.


level 四 longest level I’ve faced, a total of 17 days and 19 hours… that’s kinda depressing :frowning:


Did you subscribe right after finishing level three, or did you wait a couple days?

Also you were still learning your pace. Every level after that seems pretty consistent


I did wait a few days now that I think about it. That probably explains why level 4 was so long. :thinking:


My feeling, exactly

Update: dies inside So many apprentice items. AGAIN.


Follow up: but I have finally reached 3000 enlightened! Weeee


8070 enlightened and up!


slowly claps…