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I seem to have found a comfortable way of pacing my lessons that allows roughly the fastest levelling rate as I’m starting to find that not knowing certain kanji is really holding me back. Did my first ever 7 day level. Hooray.




32 burns and 32 failed burns :sob::sob::sob: . I‘m seriously considering resetting or stopping altogether with Japanese, since resetting won‘t help with the fact that I‘m just not investing enough into this, since I am investing everything I have into my studies (which is a good thing). But I have invested so much already into Japanese, and I hate giving up! I‘m not one for giving up, it means failure for me. But I can’t continue like this either.


Instead of looking at the number of failed burns, look at how you failed them. For お笑い for example (which I can’t remember the exact meaning for either, so I will have to look it up), did you at least remember it had something to do with laughter? If so, if you encountered it in the wild, context would help you remember the actual meaning. I know I haven’t encountered it in context, ever, since I learned it. Maybe you (we) should at this point be expanding our readings, in order to increase our chances of solidifying our vocabulary knowledge. maybe watching dramas with Japanese subtitles on more often would help.

When I look at your failed burns I see a lot of items that I have had trouble with, and I hardly ever have encountered in textbooks or fiction,so I don’t have a lot of context for these words. try to look up the ones that bother you the most in different dictionaries, or just google search them in order to get a better sense of the contexts in which they are used. (Especially if meaning is the issue).

When reading was actually the issue, try to see if some of them have visually similar kanji that you might be confusing them with. I often mess up 援 and 授、even though they are not listed as visually similar by WaniKani.

I don’t think failing burns on WaniKani is a reason to give up on Japanese learning altogether. You are a lifetime member, which to me suggests that you are pretty committed to learning the language. If studying kanji specifically right now is too frustrating, pause your wanikani activity for a set amount of time, focus on studying grammar, build your vocab through reading, or different ways of studying vocab, practice speaking, or even writing (which will also reinforce your kanji knowladge/familiarity). You can always come back to WaniKani later.


Thank you :durtle_love:. I will try to follow your advice, maybe I can find my way back…


I’ve given a lot of likes already… Why did I only just receive this?! :rofl:


First like outside the campfire section? It doesn‘t always consider what you did in campfire.


New “most items in one sitting” record. I never get this many reviews at once; it’s all those updated radicals that I decided it would be great to do in one giant sitting. Oh well, can’t complain.


At least the radicals are quick. :slight_smile:


Just reached 10k reviews, やった!


Really?! I do 140ish reviews and one measly one shows up while I’m reviewing, and it is worth mentioning? Tsk, tsk. Petty someone? Crabigator? :crabigator:


I’m doing okay with the re-run of early levels! (Reset to level 2 before)


Master of the Universe!!! Actually it’s just my first 17 radicals. I have the Power!!!


A 333 and a 222

Look at all those leeches…


When you massively overthink the answer and fail the easiest, most common burn in the session.

Train of thought: ok they would want to differentiate this from 時 by indicating that it refers to a period of time rather than a moment in time. The specific wording was probably “time interval”, let’s go with that. Red light? Oh, it was just “time”. Lel.


Done that.


Wanikani has a sale on lifetime

Now’s the perfect time to get back on.

Back to this vocabulary again…

I know I could just add my own synonym but I don’t because that would make too much sense or something.

And I may make it a point to always complete my reviews completely script-free and custom-synonym-free so that I can complete the program as intended by the developers.


I do the same. The only scripts that I use are ones that I’ve written, and they simply read my user_data for database-writing and progress-plotting purposes. Nothing against people who use synonyms or let incorrect answers fly.


incredible… lifetime subscription really does give you, an entire additional lifetime

shame i don’t remember any of it though


Sometimes when I read the mnemonics I’m like “Why? Just why…”