Wanikani screenshots 📸


@Ninkastmin You’ve been burned.






i dunno, health still works - and it should.


Maybe the proximity-leeway doesn‘t work for silent synonyms? I definitely answered healthy and got marked wrong. I don‘t mind, that way I get to learn the new meaning as well, but it‘ still strange.


Could be the reason.
That being said, a few days ago I said halberd for 矛 (the kanji) and was marked wrong (it has been renamed spear). When I mentioned it on the overhaul thread, they said that it could be a problem with the whitelist, and that they’ll look into it.
Maybe they have just fixed it between the time you and OmukaiAndi tried.


makes sense.
let’s hope it’s permanently fixed now, hitting Override is 0.01kcal every time. i’ll be skin and bones in no time :slight_smile:





So close to 60, GO GET THAT CAKE

(I’m still saving you a piece)(maybe)(better hurry)


I just managed to have some time to study again, but I’m seeing a lot more returns on textbooks than WK at this point. But I should smash my 1000 review queue today, so I’ve got that going for me!




I actually managed to guess the on’yomi correctly. :flushed:

Thank you 都合. I may not have seen you since like 6 months ago on Memrise, I may not have remembered what you mean, I may have forgotten which Kanji you’re made of, but my brain still thought of you somehow. You the real MVP.

I’m gonna use 合格 as my mnemonic though. HunterxHunter used it like 10 times in 5 minutes in that one episode.


# Feels good
not including how many I got wrong




This is the worst review session I’ve had in months, and I’m wondering if I should do all my review sessions on my phone because I’m a lot less careless when I basically expect to make typos on every answer.

Wrote かた for 形 even though I know it well; put “choume” as the meaning for 丁目 because for some reason I thought it was a synonym; 見当たる I just had a brain fart because I’ve only ever seen 見当たらない and seeing it with the dictionary form messed me up somehow; 借用 I wrote しゃくや and I have no idea why, I did the same with 履歴書 writing し rather than しょ at the end even though I said both of these out loud correctly as I typed them incorrectly; and I misspelled ねこ … how did I misspell that.

Stupid, careless, dumb stupid careless dumb. 見当たる I am fine with getting wrong but the rest were just because of poor concentration. Un happpyyyyy~


That happens to me so often :sob: hands, what are you doing.

The “good” thing is that I have learned to adapt and check carefully what I am typing. Sometimes, the things I type are so far away from what I wanted to type that it really makes me wonder if I have some issues or something.
(Is my subconscious trying to tell me something?)



Today I finished the last bit of work for my master’s degree. AND LOOK WHAT FLIPPIN’ VOCAB WORD I BURNED!!!


Today’s was more like it. Boom.


Well. Ain’t that demotivating.
I’ve also got 68 lessons in queue, haven’t done anything for this new level yet, it’s been a week.
Looks like I’m taking it slow for the next week, 'till I can get myself back on track…


Yay! It’s been awhile. Usually would’ve gotten 1 wrong