Wanikani screenshots 📸


Yeaaaaah, totally :rofl: Not only that, but I will have to stay on WK for 6 more months to burn everything to the ground D::::::::::



I doubt this will ever happen again. I’m wondering if guru’ing those last few kanji will help me make the switch or if I need to 100% the radicals. :thinking:

EDIT: This content overhaul has made this level my longest and most interesting for sure.


I’m pretty sure the level up lock is just based on the kanji. The only reason you need to Guru radicals is to unlock the kanji which will let you level up.


Looks like you were right!! It only counts the kanji for the level ups.


:sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Also congrats! :tada:



It feels so weird having more radicals queued than kanji.


that’s because it is weird :slight_smile: we’re under military law right now on wk.


When you can’t english :frowning:


Maybe I should reset :thinking:
I could swear this thing used to be ‘healthy’


next one over.


Resetting again…


I know! But they were in the same lesson queue and both meant healthy!


No, I think it was health. But yeah, close enough.

Edit: just checked the old mnemonic, and it was indeed health.


Yay, so I did remember (nearly) correctly. Feels good to know.


As a one piece fan, this is a big moment for me!



enlighten me, why?
i’ve never seen wan piece


it’s… about… pirates… doing pirate stuff…


Oh I get you :wink:



I hope bae is there