Wanikani screenshots 📸


I think it’s more like, ‘You are about to be quizzed on the truth of the universe.’
I like quizzes.


The power of leeches.


I just had to add that synonym.


I’m finally learning these bad boys :3


alright so my past four months ago self decided “hey wouldn’t it be funny if I did a bunch of lessons so that they would come back to bite me in the future” and then I had 200 enlightened queued up.

Needless to say, a lot of them didn’t quite make it.

And so, today we hold an un-funeral (because they were going to get burned but then they didn’t get burned) for the following items.

long text

May you rest in peace. Until I burn you. Unless you become one of my leeches. Then you’re here forever.

Edit: probably need to hold a permenant funeral for some of the radicals.


I officially burned my last radical :v:



Is anyone else aware of this level 13 radical error?

It shows that the meaning is “original.” This was marked wrong.
I entered a synonym “original.”
That worked.


I think this was related to an issue with the update that came out today, should be resolved now.


Used to be five lessons, no unlocks.


I guess it’s re-education time…? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

All done. Having gone through the transformed radicals, I can say that I approve. Most of them have changed to match their kanji counterparts, so no more freaking out because the Ghost radical doesn’t accept “circumference” as a valid answer. Changes from “Real” to “Book”, “Sail” to “Boat” etc. are great too, simpler concepts for easier memorization. I’ll miss my oppai (云) though…


when kids grow up, they lose oppai access. some regain it later from a different mom.

some don’t




for a bunch of renamed radicals and changed mnemonics?
wow man. sacrificing 37 levels to the crabigator for close to nothing, i sure hope he blesses you with divine accuracy and sends you a pizza every saturday.


Uh, thanks for the encouragement. I was feeling overwhelmed to begin with, starting to forget things, and the new mnemonics and renamed radicals confused me a lot. Keeping a uniform set of mnemonics is really important to me. I might as well start anew, now I can just level up quickly to get back to where I was.


stay strong. i can’t imagine your pain, but i forget a lot of stuff, too, all the time. i just say fuck it and keep going.
stuff will come around again, and when i hit 60 one day, and everything’s burned, i’ll go through every level with the bulk unburn script.
nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.


Thank you. I will! I did so until now, but with everything else going on in my life, this is a welcome pause from new things :slight_smile:


This is really really funny, considering the content update… Bunch of new radicals to unlock!


かがみちゃん is blinded by the beauty of this announcement.


Anyone else really love their reviews right now?


Oh wow, you just went for the whole lot, huh? :joy:



Welp…Guess this level is gonna take an extra couple days :frowning_face: