Wanikani screenshots 📸


I keep on getting cheated out of answers like this… typos? maybe, but the wanikani system still has a ways to go


Because you type nni instead of ni? That’s Wanikani’s fault? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m level 6… why ? wanikani why?
Look a the first sample sentence… there having fun on top of that!


I thought hiragana was firstly used by women and katakana was used by men? (at least in the beginning, i’m happy to be wrong though :slight_smile: )

as for a screenshot…

this is the reason i’m not leveling up any time soon…


most of those come from lvl 10-20. something must have happened there, so you never learned them properly.


it’s called the ignore script hahaha
i abused it in those levels


i’m currently drilling a bunch of the kanji you failed on quizlet. this is my deck, maybe that helps.


i think no word ever starts with ん.


As far as I know, that’s also why in Shiritori you lose if you choose a word that ends with ん


I mean, you’re not wrong. Of course the paragraph had a mind of it’s own :wink:


oh hey look
we’re approaching 0/0
for the first time in two months

can we like not do this again like seriously aaaaaaaaaaaaa


In modern standard Japanese, there isn’t indeed. However, there are Japanese dialects with words starting with ん. One of the famous one is んみゃーち.


When I first came across the infamous couple of “honor” and “glory”


I assumed they were going to be certain leeches
Just now I’ve burned both… :slight_smile:



光栄です (Or some variation) is quite common in polite Japanese (“it would be my honor”)

I remember the other one from the fact that it’s not 光栄 :stuck_out_tongue:


I was in despair


I seem to be unable to remember my months.


your answer wasn’t wrong, june is the 6th month.
maybe add it as synonym. this is the sort of problem that doesn’t need to stay in.


Couldn’t find a ‘first burn thread’ so here it is…


You can see I had to look up how to take a screenshot on a mac - clearly I never needed to know how to do it until now.
I am a dag.


Staring at incoming level 5 like