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We’re in the golden age of the Mongol Empire! Pax Mongolica reigns over the world and land trade is repopularized via the silk road. Kublai Khan (grandson of Gengis) has established the first foreign dynasty in China, and wants to expand eastward into Japan. Japan is… not a fan. Our dude tries to take over the island twice, and both times his forces are kept at bay until typhoons arrive and wreck the armada. Needless to say, he doesn’t try again. This, by the way, is where the Japanese concept of ‘Divine Wind’(神風)originates from.

Elsewhere, Wales loses its independence to England and becomes a colony. It would later be annexed into the Kingdom and remains a part of it until today.


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so i have never been sure (i think that i sometimes look it up, but then subsequently forget soon after) which order books title 上巻・下巻 go in… but hopefully i will remember after learning this time hahaha


I only just learned these for the first time on WK. I picture it like a stack of books you haven’t read. Of course the first volume is on top, you want to start with that one

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Open rebellion in China made the political climate very unstable, and Japan halted both trade and diplomatic relations. Turns out, some breathing room was all it needed to get a cultural explosion started- 平安時代 was quickly underway.

Katakana and Hiragana get invented because of feminine ingenuity, leading to a ton of interest in language and writing. In fact, the world gets it’s first novel - 源氏物語 (Tale of Genji) - because a sharp woman wanted to entertain her colleagues at court. We know now that it ends up a masterpiece.

With all this art, court life is decadent and the Emperor and co are not super into ‘ruling’ and ‘policing’. So if you want to guard your stuff, you have to find people for hire. Enter the Samurai. They’re a big deal from the start, and keep getting bigger and bigger. In fact, they get so big that they push the Emperor aside and install their own seat of power - the Shogunate. This branch of government would see Japan through all its highs and lows until the middle of the 19th century.

Around the world: Canada gets discovered by Vikings, Macbeth (yes, that one) is alive and plotting (probably), and Islam is the new fad of the land.


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