Wanikani screenshots 📸


but why is there no love for 絶望







should I be happy that my 30-ish Apprentice leeches are starting to actually die or sad that I blew a chance to get 100%


burn fails always hurt. especially with things like 電気 apparently not being “electric energy” … :roll_eyes:



see that? 派: apparently i guru’d that but forgot it again. that doesn’t really happen to me all that often, i have to say, but that’s the danger of the reorder script. just frontloaded too many kanji, then had troubles learning them all side by side and skipped out on the vocabulary a bit too much, which are normally a good way to solidify the kanji. i guess the system is like it is for a reason. the crabigator ain’t stupid. :sweat_smile:


I added a ton of synonyms and a custom mnemonic (rare for me) for that one. Still manage to enter ‘clan’ instead of ‘sect/school/faction/clique’…


interesting - meaning is no problem for me here but i always want to input だん as reading - for “group” (which i put as synonym).


This is the mnemonic I thought up:

A SCHOOL of fish riding a tsunami wave 波=は

Not very creative, but it did the job for me


Crabigator, why must you torture me like this


It’s a little less of a round number than I’d like (because I usually do my lessons in fives), but the last three items were thoroughly guessed and probably already flew out of my short-term memory already. Case in point: I used “already” two times in the same sentence.

I know this isn’t exactly an ideal time for me to do lessons (10:43pm local time and I’m kind of tired), but I’ve been lesson-deprived for about two weeks now, entering an endless loop of “Wow, I haven’t done reviews for three days so I have 100 to 300 reviews in queue, but I’ve finished them so that means I am accomplished”.

It’s time for no more excuses.

It’s time to get serious.

But like… after this though. Not now.


Feeling really dumb for writing “one” instead of “ground” right now :stuck_out_tongue:


add one as a synonym. The exact radical name will get re-enforced in the wanikani mnemonics anyway.


I just became level 7, like, right MEOW.


I tried to get some items to master today. 67%. I suppose I didn’t know them that well. Does this happen to anyone else?


Were close to the correct meaning aren’t we x)



Woo! We get a leap year this time around. (BTW, if it’s perfectly divisible by 4, it’s a leap year.)
Fun fact: Because we’re a bunch of sun worshipers and leap days don’t quite catch us up to all of the Earth’s rotations in four years, sometimes the world clocks have to have a leap second inserted. This keeps earth time in line with atomic time which is great for us and our electronics. (Atomic clocks are awesome - easily reproducible and standard everywhere in the universe, they’re a great companion for spacefarering civilizations).

On the history front, Portugal’s bitter three decade war with Spain finally concluded with them getting recognition as a sovereign nation. Fighting a war for that long is hard, so Brazil was the treasury with all that sweet sweet sugar money. Britain and France were bros too and sent troops to help out. Interestingly, Spain ended up coming out ahead as well - they were literally bleeding money just to keep the war going.

Elsewhere in the world, Newton graduates from Trinity College, and the parasite known as the British East India company takes control of Bombay in a lead up to their expanding presence in the Indian subcontinent.


I’ve been in Japan for a few weeks now, trying to fill in endless forms and get used to living here. Now I think it’s time to get back to WaniKani, and it seems that WaniKani agrees:



Didn’t realise I could do that, so thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:


Sees mention of Portugal
Instantly likes the post