Wanikani screenshots 📸


But that wasn’t a typo


I actually have an ignore script installed, but I always forget to use it because I’ve used this site for three years without one…


I’m missing something but I don’t understand why is that not a typo? Sorry, not a native English speaker is this a slang word I don’t know :sweat_smile:


It was a typo and I’m not sure why Wanikani’s typo ignoring system didn’t ignore it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think three letter words have to be spelled correctly…


Yes. I know this one thank you for writing it though I tend to forget it :sweat_smile: In fact once I made same kind of mistake with an extra letter for a three letter word and didn’t think twice about it and pressed enter :disappointed: I still don’t understand why this is not considered as a typo though



Welp, I guess I’m done, then.


nice burn, Napth!

I tend to do this sort of thing so often… typos that work in the system

although the worst is when i type ‘inequality’ and it gives it to me when the word is ‘equality’





First time doing a non-fast level under 7 days! :tada:




How to burn words

Yeah i forgot the word holder in english. I didn’t think wanikani would accept that lol


‘Should I do the rest of my lessons today?’



I did it

I did it guys are you proud of me




“WaniKani only takes a little of your time every day”
“I just do reviews in my spare time or during breaks”

Please send help :exploding_head:

1300 reviews, 3h 20m, I’m completely exhausted, mentally and physically


Great job, I have been doing 400 reviews for 2 months.



Synonym added post-mortem, by the way.
Why doesn’t WK at least put the kanji meaning as a synonym for the radicals? Arghrabrafrahafrr.


Over 2,000 burned! :smiley:


great work!
I’ve got more than 1500, which i’m surprised about hahah

EDIT: I have over 200 apprentice which i’ve heard is a bad idea hahaha

Double EDIT: I keep on thinking “punishment money” for 罰金(fine)

EDIT the third (AKA EDITIII)

at least I got the kanji meanings correct…