WaniKani rust api crate

i recently found a rust binding for the WaniKaniApi, sadly it was somewhat outdated and rather static in the version.

The least i could try was to update the package to a newer rust edition(2021) and a newer reqwest api.
So here is my take at implementing a rust binding.
Please be patient this is one of my first rust projects :wink:
There are still some quirks with it.

  • Only blocking reqwest calls are implemented.
  • The pagination of subject requests is not implemented so only 1000 subjects per call.

Your pipeline is failing :eyes:

Hello, yes i was just happy that the code itself was working so i didn’t work on the tests.
tests are integrated now and working with cargo test.
The problem is i’m european and have no credit card… but gitlab needs a credit card now to verify your account and run test. as i don’t have my own server to execute a runner i’m disabling the runner.

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Updated api added examples and some modules cleaned up. added 2 working examples async and blocking
This should be somewhat stable and usable so

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