Wanikani review page not loading - script issue?

I had to delete Chrome from my Mac because it was taking up too much CPU. So I’ve just been using tamper Monkey to set up all my scripts in Safari. I also downloaded Adguard at the same time.

Home page is working well - but when I get to the review page there’s an issue.

Can anyone suggest a simple way of working out which script(s) is causing the issue? Or if it’s something else?

Check the console for errors


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Have you tried turning AdGuard off?


No - I try that now.

Ah ha! We have found the culprit. Working now - thank you!


There are probably some settings that you can play with to make things work with AdGuard. Maybe just whitelist Wanikani

Thank you - that’s good advice. Although I wonder if someone like me with poor tech skills should just avoid manage systems add ons - Maybe I should just delete AdGuard and rely on the innate security of Macs?

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Nah, you can do this. Now if it happens on any other site you know it could be AdGuard (or any similar extension) and you will be able to diagnose it yourself and that much quicker

Thank you! Will do! I do like the prospect of getting less ads.

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I will usually whitelist any sites I’ve paid for as the adblocking algorithms can mess up some things.

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I’ve tried whitelisting, but it’s still interfering with the reviews page - I think it’s blocking the scripts. So for now I’m just disabling it while I’m on Wanikani

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May need to whitelist localhost?

Apologies for being so ignorant. What is the localhost?

Thank you Prouleau. @kumeirei helped me out with that and the situation has been sorted. It was Adguard that was the problem

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Basically, yourself. You are hosting the scripts, so they’re coming from localhost, most likely. Unless tampermonkey shows up as something else.
I’ve never used AdGuard, so maybe they’re different, but usually when you whitelist something, it’s the source of the content, not necessarily the page you’re on. Example: Funimation broke for me with an ad blocker before. I had to whitelist ads.somethingorother.com, not Funimation itself, as it wasn’t them sending me the ad, technically.
Similar thing here. You’re sending yourself the scripts, not WaniKani. So if scripts are being blocked, whitelisting WaniKani won’t do anything about that.

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Ok. I think I understand that. The problem will be working out what I should whitelist (given my level of tech understanding).

I should say here how much I appreciate all the work done - not just to create scripts - but to write instructions that even a luddite like me can understand and implement.

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