WaniKani Review Order - (Radical/Kanji/Vocab order) Userscript Extension

The userscripts website won’t load. Even the home page doesn’t come up, I get a sign that the connection timed out because it was taking too long to respond. Can someone put this script on greasyfork.org or another site?

There’s a workaround in another forum thread. 


>It’s not actually dead, but is suffering a rather severe spam problem, at the moment :(.


Thank you!!

Well, userscripts seems to be completely dead at this point (including the 8080 sub url), so it would be swell if someone could upload the latest version of this script to another less not-working site. Thanks in advance!

Uploaded to Greasy Fork: https://greasyfork.org/scripts/4770-wanikani-review-order

Thanks for the upload!


No worries, I definitely wouldn’t want to go without this gem of an extension.

I just installed it. My very first time ever trying a user script.

you made so very happy. Will you marry me?

The link to the script no longer works :( 
I don’t know if this might be a temporary thing though.

The link to the script doesn’t seem to work for me either. :/?

ads17 said... The link to the script doesn't seem to work for me either. :/?
ashleybotts said...
ads17 said... The link to the script doesn't seem to work for me either. :/?
Kaimera said...
ashleybotts said...
ads17 said... The link to the script doesn't seem to work for me either. :/?
 Are you sure you didn't mean to post this one? https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/4770-wanikani-review-order

This is exactly what I needed.  Thanks! 

Just in case anyone’s interested, modified versions of the WaniKani Review Order extension which include SRS ordering (via code kindly provided by Pyxzure) are available.

So you can choose from:

Just installed the script and it’s active, but I have some questions:
What does Bulk mode mean? What does single mode mean? My reviews are not ordered yet…

just activated the Bulk mode and I’m reviewing all my radicals at once :slight_smile: awesome. But I would still appreciate an explanation about the purpose of the different modes :slight_smile:

This have worked for me for so long, but I don’t know why but it’s not working anymore ;;

Can anyone else confirm that this userscript extension is still working?
I feel like I’m seeing duplicates and that the number of kanji in my queue is staying the same but maybe it’s just me or just this computer?
[edit: I figured out it was the Double check userscript. Sorry for the false alarm!]

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Currently, when you click Single Mode, it queues the meaning first, then the reading. Is it possible to reverse the order? I’d like the first question I answer about a kanji/vocab to be its reading, then its meaning. I want to train my first response to the material to be Japanese rather than English. I dug through the script a bit but didn’t see an obvious way to achieve that.

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