Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]


Then I will put wanikani in vacation mode, cannot relearn the word from level 1 to 16 without it.
Anyway thank you.


For anyone wanting to try fixing xMunchx’s script (I don’t have time at the moment), I think the IDs can be removed from the script, and you can use APIv2 to look up the level of each item. As best I can tell, that’s all he’s using it for.


Yep. ID was only for level.


Ahh, k.
Are you still supporting this script, btw?


I may come back and do something later, but I have no plans to update it currently.


So IS it currently working? I was gonna try to reorder my coming lessons so I only get my vocab (and save my new radicals for last) but I tried it and I couldn’t see any way to do the reordering. That little panel didn’t show up anywhere?


Works fine for me as long as I use the force reorder button


I’m guessing as long as you don’t sort by level, you may be okay.


Sorting by level works fine for me.


^^^ Just don’t clear your localStorage, because it will lose the level info, and it won’t be able to retrieve it again, which is what people are experiencing.


I have no idea how to do it rofl…

Even If I don’t clear the “localstorage” it does not work, any idea ? how to reset ?


Yeah, but I don’t have any buttons even. I couldn’t find the panel with the stuff after I installed it.


I believe it auto clears when it finds an id it doesn’t know.


As much as I know moaning about it won’t make any difference, I really loved this script, and whoever makes it work again will get all my likes.


That’s a pretty low-effort post, man.

If you read some replies here you will find that it does not work. If your cache is deleted or you install the script on a new computer, you will not be able to sort by level any more. Whether or not you consider that working, I will leave up to you. I don’t.


Maybe i’m missing something, but can you make a sort for SRS levels? I think that would be helpful too.


Does this script have a github? I’d help contribute a fix if the source was available.


You’re not missing anything; it doesn’t support it.
xMunch has said before that he’s not interested in implementing a sort by SRS level. Of course, that doesn’t stop anyone else from implementing their own sort.


As far as I’m aware, it only exists as a gist currently, so you can’t do pull requests against it. But if your changes are clean, you could always msg xMunch with your changes, and see if he’s interested in integrating them…


I keep getting an error message saying updating UID’s and finally a message that it cannot update UID’s and to lodge a complaint here:

So here I am. Complaining… I guess. Tho since I’m not exactly sure what’s broken, i’m not really sure what it is I’m complaining about :slight_smile: