Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]


Not working for me either :(, I guess wanikani probably works in a different way now, and the script is incompatible now. BTW this script is awesome and I have nothing but gratitude for the original programmer.


I have 1000 items on my queue list… uhh I was doing a great job with this script everyday, now I need to think how to handle these 1000 items… :slight_smile:


Mine has also stopped, it was working about 10 hours ago. I guess if it’s down for many people it might be for good. Does anyone have any alternatives for reordering reviews?

Anyway it was an absoultey amazing script, I wish they’d incorporate it into the actual thing as an option.


Oh no!! Do we have update regarding this? This script has been really helpful with my reviews…


Mine was failing this morning, but literally just now started working again after I restarted my session.


5 minutes ago it wasn’t working, but now it is, thanks!


It’s working now :slight_smile:


Back after 2.5 years with 3000 reviews… never been so grateful for this script.


I installed this script a week ago but I seemed to use it wrong (the amount of time for my level is reduced by 2 days. But I don’t know whether it was my effort to do nearly 10 reviews sessions a day instead of 2 or this script).

How do you guys use it to speed up the level (I mean the “good” way, not affecting study)? And what is the fastest way to level up using this script ? (the cheater’s way)

Thanks !:biking_man:


When you don’t have time to do a whole review session you use this to pull up the ones essential to leveling up and make sure you do those when they are available. Then you do your other reviews like normal.


Thanks. This means that the script just helps to put the words that are essential to level up (The radical and kanji, if I remember correctly). I can just do these essential words and ignore the vocabs if I want to and still level up, right ?


You can… But don’t ignore the vocab. They are what you really need to learn the language. They reinforce the kanji as well. The idea is just to hit the kanji and radicals first to minimize your time.


Kick those kanji in the radicals!


Yo dude I’m getting this error => Failed to update UIDs. =(


I’m seeing the same thing. The script does still work for me, but I have to re-select all my settings at the start of each review and do a Force Reorder.


Any way to fix it ?


Looks like WK updated the reviewQueue format in localStorage.

Edit: Yep, the IDs don’t match anymore.

Previously, the item IDs in the reviewQueue used to match the DOM IDs on /vocabulary?difficulty=PLEASANT, etc…

For example:
友人 has id="vocabulary-2604"

But reviewQueue (in $.jStorage), the id is 151:

{id: 151, voc: "友人", en: Array(1), kana: Array(1), aud: "62ef389222aecd7fee784e4cfa19fc6c45a7c24d.mp3", …}

Is this an intentional change?


Yes. We are transitioning reads to a new data model, thus certain parts of the site are reading the new one and other parts the old one. We are making incremental changes to transition all to the new data model.


Looks like the script is going to need an overhaul. It would have been needed anyway for APIv2 eventually.


Using the new API is probably the most solid option once it is released.

Eventually the ids will be matching throughout the site (and API).