Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]

@xMunch, any way to control the type but still have it mixed between radicals, kanji, and vocab? For instance, with 5 per lesson, have each lesson randomly select 1 radical, 2 kanji and 2 vocab?

I’m actually working on a script that would do almost exactly that. It would let you specify the number of items of each type that you want to learn. The part that would differ from your request is that the numbers would be for the whole session (set of lessons) rather than a single lesson.

I’m still working on it, and will want a week or so test it by myself. But I’ll make a forum post when it’s ready.


Awesome! :+1:

@viet Any update about the fixed class issue? If I don’t hear back or you plan to keep the code as is, I’ll just (optionally) remove the class in my script so that this isn’t an issue.

Sorry. Will check up on it later today. Was recovering yesterday, so didn’t have much computer face time.

Oh, I’ve always just done it overlapping like your second picture (on Firefox).

Aww, feel better, Viet. Take care of yourself.

Ok I checked.

This is not an issue since it is working as intended.

The reason for the fixed positioning is to have the batch-items be fixed to the very bottom of the browser viewport when there is a lot of empty vertical whitespace.

If you resize vertically you’ll notice the fixed class gets attached when there is a significant amount of vertical white space. This ensure the batch-items is always positioned in the same spot for easy access.

The fixed class gets detached when the rendered content view exceeds the viewport.

Video to illustrate the attach/detach of batch-items: Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!


Looks like the reorder embed needs a bottom margin to clear the fixed batch-items. That is your solution.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ll try that and other approaches later.

@xMunch I wrote some code for my script that takes care of the issue of the batch items overlaying the script’s UI, as shown in my image in post #531. Do you want me to post the code snippets so you can include them in your script as well? If not, I could always duplicate the code in a separate script dedicated to fixing that issue.

You can post a snippet if you wish, though I may not use it.

Is there a keyboard shortcut key to unhide and hide the Reorder Ultimate dialog box?

Is everyone’s Reorder Ultimate dialog box at the most bottom part?

No. Though I did have intentions of adding keyboard shortcuts to v3… whenever that comes out :slight_smile:
Yes, it should be right below WK review options (the buttons).

This is contrary to

which seems to be at top-right.

Also, “Force Random” should now be added.

That is an old picture to show functionality. You can force random by making the balance equal (press random) then you can press force reorder if needed.

This stopped working and the link to re-add it is down.

Does the script have a problem with adding synonyms? The item still remains in the pool.

If you’ve already answered both parts of a review item and then add a synonym, that item always goes back into the queue. If that’s what happened, it has nothing to do with the script.

Suddenly isn’t working today…

Mine, either