Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]

Did you use the scales on the left and right to choose how to reorder? And the check-boxes in the middle to sort by type or level? If you did, did you also try a force reorder?

Ooooh, I’ve just done that :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have noticed as of within the past few hours that this is really messed up at the moment. Take a look at the pic below. I did some lessons 2 days ago and it was fine then.

Only other script running is WK open framework

Drop back to version 2.2.1 [here].

@maxb, it looks like your changes had some side-effects.
[edit: It looks like Wanikani itself cares about the order of the $.jStorage.set() calls.]

I might add that on some occasions the level boxes just didn’t appear yesterday. I chalked it up to a poor connection, but maybe it’s related.

:point_right: [ v2.2.4 ] - Reverted to v2.2.1, and fixed item counts via alternate method.

@Dazza, give this a try.

@maxb, rather than swapping the $.jStorage.set() order, I just manually called the toggler() a second time after the sets. It’s not efficient, but it’s a simple fix without digging deeper into the script.

It’s not entirely obvious to me what is wrong in the screenshot?

There should be another scale on the left

The lesson is a kanji, yet the five items in the lesson group are radicals.

I think the left scale is missing during lessons because lessons themselves (not the lesson quiz) don’t have a separate reading and meaning, so no need to have reading/meaning priority.

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Basically the items in the lesson are now completely unrelated to the list at the bottom

@rfindley your 2.2.4. seemed to fix it :slight_smile: thanks

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Hello! I cleared my browser cache the other day and the script stopped working. When it was rebuilding the dataset from scratch it was looking for an HTML id that didn’t exist. I made an edit to my script locally and was able to fix it.

Is anyone else having this issue?

You probably have to update the script to the version @rfindley just released. They changed stuff with ids so it killed older version of the script.

I get this now during lessons :thinking:
I’m using version 2.2.4 linked a few posts back

I’m having some issues with the layout on script. I’m running version 2.2.4 on safari. Here’s an image of it

Don’t know what’s causing it, so any ideas?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can’t figure out how to actually use this script. I’ve set the sort types and levels, for example 7 > 6 and radical > kanji > vocab, but every time I force reorder it just reorders completely randomly. I find myself hitting force reorder several times to try and get a batch with mostly radicals, but its all luck. I’m using Chrome and script version 2.2.4.

Am I doing something wrong? Have I misunderstood what this script does? I thought that if I set radicals > kanji it would give me whole batches of radicals until they were all in my queue, then move onto kanji, etc.

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You have to tip the scales on the left and right to set the sort priority.


I should tip both scales once or how? Sorry for my stupid question :sweat_smile:

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WaniKani feels awkward when I don’t have this script enabled. Thanks for continuing support/maintenance @rfindley, and @xMunch for creating it.

When I return to wanikani after a long absence, I much prefer doing reviews from oldest to newest. Hate doing them totally randomly.

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The left scale is Reading first (tilt left) or Meaning first (tilt right). This is especially useful if you have 1x1 mode enabled, which pairs the Reading and Meaning questions back to back.

You probably only need to tip the left scale if you use 1x1 mode, though maybe some people find it useful without 1x1.

The right scale is Level first (tilt left) or Type first (tilt right). You definitely need to tilt this one, otherwise it ignores your settings in the middle, and your items will still be in random order.

If you tilt the right scale to the right (Type first), with the settings you described (7>6 & rad>kan>voc) you’ll get: Rad7, rad6, kan7, kan6, voc7, voc6

If you tilt the right scale to the left (Level first), you’ll get: rad7, kan7, voc7, rad6, kan6, voc6


Big thanks to you, now I think my reviewing routine will be better.