Wanikani Phonetic-Semantic Composition 1.0.5 [No longer supported]

1.1.1 (23 January 2014)
- Now supports the HTTPS protocol.

Seems like this script is broken. I actually used its code to detect when the user goes to the next lesson for my stroke order script :confused: Now they’re both broken. I’ll fix this soon.

Please do!! And thank you!

I was lurking here and noticed that userscripts.org is down. I’ve uploaded my last version on my own web-server, together with everything I used during development, in case it helps anyone fix problems with my scripts.

Also, do notice that when I left, all my scripts were relicensed under the GPLv3, even if the main post might not say so.


As for this script breaking, it’s quite likely. It used a somewhat hacky method of detecting the next lesson (there wasn’t any better method available when I developed the script), which might require maintenance whenever the site is updated.

worked for me. Just what I wanted, phonetics and roots are a better way to learn for me. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

When you realise you read the thesis in the OP long before you ever came to WK

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Any hope that someone might adopt this abandoned script…?

So, I used to use this, and I’ve had to re-install. It seems to no longer be working, but despite the fact that it’s no longer supported, it should still work, correct? If so, I’m going to look deeper into troubleshooting it.

Any chance to get this working again?

EvilTrout said... Any chance to get this working again?
 The iink here is still working for me, but this script is not as useful as it should.

Not me. I think it’s bloke. What a shame, it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

@rfindley @Ethan Eh?

Does anyone still use this script or has problems with it? I’m currently thinking to brush up its database, the compositions from the thesis are only semi-satisfying. The script seems to work fine for me on Chrome.

Anyone still interested? @galg, @EvilTrout?

It seems to be partly working on Firefox/Greasemonkey.
I see the first part of the text (“xx was formed using phonetic-semantic composition etc”), but More information is not clickable.

Also would be nice if this info could appear on the lesson and review pages.

That’s strange, it works for me in Firefox/Tampermonkey. The code uses unsafeWindow to toggle the element, maybe you need to unblock it somehow? It just sets an attribute, it doesn’t seem that magical.

The script is at least loading on lesson and review pages, I will check why nothing happens. Was this working at any point is history?

Edit the script waits for ajax content, maybe the names changed?
Reviews: "section[id=item-info-reading-mnemonic]"
Lessons: "li.active"

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You are right, it works with Tampermonkey.

I worked a bit on the script and uploaded it to greasy fork:

It should be clickable in the /kanji pages for both tampermonkey and greasemonkey now, but I might have broken it for reviews and lessons while trying to get rid of unsafeWindow. Is there a way to test the review page without reviews available?

@gzovak and others, can you give it a try? There will be a few updates until it even reaches the previous level of usefulness, though. I will create a thread once it works for others as well.

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@acm2010 Its works on kanji pages, I am using voilentmonkey. If you can completely revive then I’ll give a all my likes. :smiley:

Also can you please add tooltips based explanations for terms like, ‘completely regular’, ‘mostly irregular’ etc?
And code if only using irregular_count > regular_count kind of checking, But i think it would be better to add further states like ‘Perfect’ for 100%, ‘Almost Perfect’ for 90% etc,

I will try my best, the composition is very useful but not so accessible in WK. Stay tuned :wink:

I’m considering a major overhaul, I’m not fully convinced by the current approach. Let’s say your phonetic component is 令, which has kan-on レイ and go-on リョウ. 冷 uses the first, 領 uses the second. Is this really “irregular”? Choosing just one “right” reading labels lots of valid compositions as wrong; Japanese just imported several readings for one composition.

Irregular should only be the readings that use phonetic composition but changed the readings, or kanji that “look composed” but aren’t.

I will try to make it more flexible to represent more cases, but still trying to stay readable :slight_smile:


It’s working perfectly on kanji pages on FF/Greasemonkey and FF/Tampermonkey.
It doesn’t seem to be working on review pages, I just got 抵 in a review and don’t see the relevant info anywhere on the page.