Wanikani Override Userscript 1.1.2 ("Ignore Answer" Button) [No longer supported]

That’s a shame :frowning: hopefully it’s something easily fixable.


The current situation has changed for me, though.

During summer I stopped doing Wanikani for about 2 months before vacation mode was available. When I returned I had 800+ reviews consistently. At first I kept up with 400 or so reviews a day, but then university started and I started having less and less time and started spending my free time differently, so much so that at most I managed to lower the number of reviews to about ~400 consistent reviews, and didn’t manage until christmas to hit 0 reviews a single time.

Around that time, vacation mode was released and I ended up activating it during exam season, where I didn’t even touch Wanikani. Since then, I’ve tried to re-activate my account twice, but I give up after about 200 reviews since I know that the day after I’ll have basically 150 more reviews and no time to do them. This is because most of those seem to be apprentice…

I also started getting tired of the mnemonics, during the last few levels they stopped making any sense for me and I just stopped being able to remember them. I also got annoyed at the ridiculous names and shapes of some of the radicals.

Basically, I had a yearly subscription but since last summer I haven’t reached 0 reviews a single time, I’ve been stuck on level 12 since about the time I released this script. I did a few scripts (including this one) to try and make it easier to start progressing again, but I was never able to do so due to university (currently sucking most of my time), life and less free time. After some time (6 months after, in January), I just gave up, activated vacation mode and tried to set up a different learning process involving Anki.

I grabbed Anki, a good Kanji deck and another good Vocab deck, bought the book “The Key to Kanji” for real mnemonics that actually make historical sense and that I can actually manage to remember, wrote a python script to make Anki only show me vocab containing Kanji I already knew, and started  learning again from scratch.

I’ve found that all in all it’s a much better experience. For example, when you don’t do reviews for a couple of days but then get a review correctly, Anki will count the time since the previous review when calculating how long to wait until it shows you the item again. This means that if I spend one week working without time for Anki, when I come back an item on an SRS interval of a few days will only be shown 1+ months later later, provided I get it correctly (usually it’d be shown one week later) since remembering it for a week means the item actually “skipped” SRS levels. I can tell it when it is hard to remember a meaning/reading so that it shows it sooner than usual next time and it also automatically suspends items that you get incorrect multiple times to give you time for other items, and later you can manually reinstate that item whenever you feel more confident (for example, when you’ve made up a different mnemonic).

I’ve been doing a somewhat custom Anki method since January and I’ve had multiple weeks where I simply couldn’t find time to do anything. Even so, I’m managing to keep a pace (in terms of Kanji/Vocab learned per month) higher than what I’ve ever had in Wanikani. As a final nail in the coffin, it doesn’t require a script similar to “Wanikani Override” and supports visual cues (like photos of the object the vocab refers to) and kana-only vocabulary :slight_smile:
tl;dr: I’ve dropped WaniKani in favor of Anki.

Anyways, I’m not writing this in order to complain about WaniKani. I know fully well that one of the main reasons I fell behind like that was my fault in dropping WaniKani for over 2 months during last Summer and only really trying to resume it after the summer holidays ended. I’ve just discovered WaniKani actually isn’t for me, and that Anki can certainly be a power user’s dream, as long as you don’t mind doing some python scripting!

I’ve been updating my scripts since about November without actually using them myself anymore, just to support the community. I even added features since then. Basically, I’ve been avoiding dropping support for as long as possible. However, now that my subscription is expiring (and I will not be renewing it) I will not be able to support them anymore.

I’ve relicensed the last version of all my scripts under the GPLv3, if anyone wants to work on it and start supporting them instead of me. If anyone does so, I’d appreciate it if you could leave some mention that you’re using my code, but it’s your choice. The scripts shouldn’t be too complex, either. I’ve always tried to keep my code as clean as possible, but since I’ve never done much Javascript programming outside of a couple of user-scripts you might find that I overcomplicated some parts, for which I apologize :slight_smile:

Other than that, you’re free, of course, to make your own scripts with the same features. It’s not like I ever held copyright or anything of the sort regarding these features in the first place :wink: