Wanikani overhaul + OCD = reset to level one


Then I definitely have OCD


Nope. Since I’m on track to almost finish N2 Kanji before July 2019 in case I fail the JLPT last Sunday.


When I logged in this morning it looks like you can now just re-add the radicals that have changed name to your lesson queue… so no need to reset everything. :slight_smile:


hmm i had selected none for relearn, but some popped up anyway. what this was about, i have no clue. even some kanji from the past.


I think some items changed which level they are on, and once you learn them they will be set to the correct SRS stage, according to what I’ve read today anyway


all right. wasn’t much anyway, just odd :slight_smile:
only the fact i now have 1 radical more and need 3 days longer for my level made me cry a little. it’s gonna be close if i want to reach my goal (30 by new year’s).

ah well. collateral damage.


Same, four radical of my level changes, and I already filled the application form for relearning radicals. 2 days longer for me. :cry:


What should I do… I got so far already ;A;


Christmas spirit, everyone reset!


I have several things that motivated me to do a complete reset:

I was bogged down by reviews.
I messed up (in my opinion) by levelling up faster for several levels by ignoring vocabulary. I won’t do that again.
I messed with the SRS (in my opinion) by using a leech trainer for a couple of months. I won’t do that again either.
I still couldn’t read anything in the way of stories as I did not know the grammar rules/particles that go with the vocabulary. I am using this reprieve to learn grammar on Bunpro. I have enough vocabulary under my belt that this is now much easier.
I don’t want to be able to access the old radicals, mnemonics, at all. This removes the temptation.
I’m a lifer on both Wanikani and Bunpro so there is no pressure with regards to time.


I’m with you. Previous level 14 but had such a difficult semester I totally neglected the teachings of our fabled Crabigator. Back on the Crab-wagon though!


Yep, reset. But because I’m OCD and completionist, I reset to level two so I could get both old and new mnemonics.