Wanikani overhaul + OCD = reset to level one

So here is a new thread for those of us who are too OCD not to reset to level one after the overhaul.

Discuss :slight_smile:

Previous level: 24.


I used to be in the mid 30s…
then hiatus and dropped down to 30
then hiatus and dropped down to 25
then hiatus and dropped down to 20

and then now after more than a year of not studying kanji it comes down to this point where there is a content overhaul and I barely remember anything anyways

and thus, I shall become one with the level one, and step into this the new testament of that the Crabigator has bestowed upon us.

the information of the past shall remain just that - in the past


Yes, I had been considering it for some time as well, so I’ve done it and taken the first batch of lessons already.

That said I did accumulate enough vocabulary to make learning grammar much easier, so I will focus on that with Bunpro (lifetime member there as well) with the extra time I have gained.

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I reset from 20 to 11, but that was not related to WK overhaul but rather because I want to do KameSame.


This does not make you OCD.


It probably won’t change a lot, but I may reset to level one since if I don’t, my mind might yell at me because I didn’t reset. It will also give me something to do while I’m waiting to see if lifetime payment goes on sale this year so I can continue on from level 3.

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Not by itself, but it can be.

Knowing that something changed and, even if it’s better to remain in the level you are, you feel the need to return to level 1 to not miss something.

At least that’s how I see it, not that I’m going to.


That’s just being a completionist or perfectionist or something like that. OCD is obsessive and compulsive.


Feeling the need to do something is compulsive, yes.


I did consider it seeing as it’s not like I would lose a load of progress being only level 7 but then I guess I’m also not really missing much either… think I will stay where I am for now. :slight_smile:

And it’s definitely not OCD. I’m really curious to see how things are now compared to when I began, even though it wasn’t that long ago.

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In this context, OCD probably stands for “Outstanding Crabigator Devotion”, and you definitely need it to reset to level 1 and do all of this again.


Remember guys if you do that you can’t see the old radicals and mnemonics anymore.

Just reset to level 2?


out with the old, in with the new


Was tempted to reset even before this overhaul. So maybe an even better do so now… :thinking:

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My diagnosis is borderline OCD. I can function in the real world but am prone to depression because of it.

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I’m on my third go-around of WK… The new radicals are really throwing me off!

OCD = Obsessive-compulsive Durtle?


My plan was to do that eventually anyway once I had burned everything in all 60 levels.

I just got back home from work and reset to level 1 and lol I got the new user checklist again so hey whats up guys

:white_check_mark:Say hello in the Community Chat



My OCD has led me to immediately dump all renamed radicals in one giant study block because I hate myself and want to trash my accuracy.