Wanikani Origin Story

I thought the birds was inside Mrs. Chou :thinking:


I guess it could be both! At least for the first bird-related appearance, here’s the (somewhat graphic) desciption from the 鳥 mnemonic:

Honestly, Mrs. Chou deserves her own spin-off series of wanikani.
“The Adventures of Mrs. Chou” or “Chou and Co.” or something…


I don’t remember this! :rofl:
I thought she came and ate the bird! and a “Oh no! Be angry she ate it!”
I think they changed it (was 4 years since I was that level =P )

I like the new one better! :rofl:

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The story is going well.

I had to change the storylines multiple times based on the way the characters are evolving. Most (70%) of the major characters and acts are set at the moment.

A special thanks to @BrunoCaesar san for their incredible help in editing/rewriting the dialogue to add OOMPH factor to the story.

I still plan to release the chapter by this weekend, but if we are delayed by a few days please do not mind.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


That’s great! Can’t wait. If you need chapter covers/illustrations, I’d love to help!


Sure Jirachi san :slightly_smiling_face:

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