Wanikani Open Framework [developer thread]

It works as expected. I have no snags to report.

I am adding more details to my previous response. The solution works best when the modifications to the value map are done in a .then() method attached to the promise that is returned from prepare(). The coding pattern is.

// value_map is an object meant to be modified by prepare()
function prepare(value_map){
    var promise_list = [];
    if (data1_is_needed){
    if (data2_is_needed){
    // more data is loaded if needed
    return Promise.all(promise_list).then(function(){set_value(value_map)});

    function set_value(value_map){
        value_map.property1 = value1;
        value_map.property2 = value2;
        // modifying/setting more properties as needed

Calling set_value(value_map) from this .then() method ensures the property values are computed after the data is loaded and set before filter_func(value_map) is applied to items. This is exactly what is needed.

I couldn’t remember if we have a thread for CS chat, so I’m posting here instead. I’m taking a web development class next semester! It’s only basic stuff, but I am excited to learn to understand the things I already know a bit deeper, and fill in the holes that I have missed.


Maybe we should. Congrats! I hope you find it edifying, my CS classes left a lot to be desired re: best practices.

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Nice! Still keeping in mind what we talked about in email.

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@Mods could you unlock this thread?


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Sure, it’s unlocked now.


Thank you!

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