Wanikani Open Framework [developer thread]

Will this script also work for lessons? When I was using the reorder script during the faster levels, I would have preferred a rather complicated lesson ordering. Seeing your screenshot, I was wondering whether this order would be doable through your interface:

  1. All items with level ≤ current level - 2
  2. Radicals of the current level
  3. Kanji of the current level
  4. Radicals of the previous level
  5. Kanji of the previous level
  6. Vocab of the previous level
  7. Vocab of the current level

I understand if this is outside the script’s scope – or maybe it is already possible and I’m just not seeing it?

Some additional thoughts about this which are probably dumb and should be ignored

When I was pondering over this, I thought that it could work with actions of type “Filter” and “Fix + Append Others”. “Filter” is self-explanatory and it seems you already have it implemented. “Fix + Append Others” would fix the order in the current state so that these items are unaffected by subsequent actions, and then append all items that were removed by a previous “Filter”.

The order mentioned above could then be achieved by:

  • “Filter” Level ≤ current level - 2
  • “Fix + Append Others”
  • “Filter” Type = Vocab (Inverted, so actually Type != Vocab)
  • “Sort” Type
  • “Sort” Level (Inverted)
  • “Fix + Append Others”
  • “Sort” Level

Sorry for the unsolicited ideas.

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