Wanikani on PC or mobile?

Aww, thank you for bringing this topic here. It’s been my curiosity all this time. I wonder how people spend their time in WK since I feel like doing it in such an ineffective & inconvenient way.

Btw, is it the one you’re referring to?

I’ll give this app a try :ok_hand:

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that is the one good sir. It’s a good app, i use it when i can’t get reviews in on a computer.

I use desktop whenever I can since I kept messing up with typos on phone. I don’t trust myself with a rollback button, so I just use desktop. Also, WaniKani’s hiragana input sometimes misses characters when I’m typing fast on my phone, which really breaks my rhythm.


I was 100% Tsurukame on IOS. The only time I went to the website was to run the scripts to get data for my level 60 post.

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I use computer when I can because I always mistype when using the phone :sob:
I don’t use any scripts at all. Just plain old wanikani :+1:


I cycle between computer, phone, and tablet depending on what’s easiest for me to reach at the time.

It’s not the best habit, but if I get something wrong on desktop WaniKani for a reason I don’t agree with (I typed a synonym or my fingers slipped), I’ll usually hop over to Tsurukame and finish the reviews there. WaniKani and Tsurukame only sync each item right after you type the correct meaning and reading. It’s cheating but I have ways to make up for it elsewhere.

EDIT: Just the day before yesterday, I started using the scripts that @ekg mentioned in this post and so far I like them. I don’t think any scripts are necessary, though. You’ll be fine without them.

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I tend to flip between them. Tsurukame has a bunch of options that are only available with scripts on the computer, but there are plenty of scripts that do not have counterparts on Tsurukame. If I’m sitting with my computer, I prefer it, I can type much faster than I can kana-keyboard-swipe. But if I’m out and about, I’ll use my phone.
If I get behind on reviews and only want to do a certain subset, the computer will allow me to sort by level and type, but Tsurukame will allow me to sort by newest first, or lowest SRS level first. Different options for different circumstances.

Laptop when I’m at work pretending to 一生懸命. Phone when I’m at home pretending not to ゴロゴロ。

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I like using flaming durtles because it allows me to do reviews offline even if wk servers have issues. On the pc I will just get the time out repeatedly in those scenarios. Also 12 key swipe is more fun to use personally.

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PC mostly. Phone screen keyboard is very inconvenient to use.

Maybe one day I’ll buy Fold 3 or similar big boy, but until then it’s just too small.

I use phone only when riding a bus or taking a bath.

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I’m using the Kakumei app for Android. Very rarely using desktop even though I type way faster on the computer. This way I never forget to do my reviews (which would have been the case if I used desktop).

I use desktop primarily for speed (and I don’t have a lot of data), but I will check out the android app. Using the mobile kana keyboard is time consuming, but I’m very visual so finding the correct character helps cement things in when I have used it in the past.

prefer pc - I’m a better typist on the computer, and it definitely takes me less time to finish my reviews. But, I keep my Flaming Durtles up to date, especially for when I’m out of internet range/travelling. Usually I fit my review blocks in to times when I’m home/at my work computer.

I’m pretty fast with the kana keyboard now (from lots of dictionary lookups), but still don’t love typing for reviews on my phone - and really dislike typing on my iPad.

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Combo of both flaming durtles and the desktop, but the typos on the phone are a drag…

I’m on my laptop 90% of the time, or will very occasionally access via chrome on my phone if I’m bored and not near my laptop, might look into flaming durtles though :slight_smile:

Flaming Durtles has incorporated several scripts that are most useful, including Ultimate Timeline (albeit only 24 hours) and Self-Study. Of course it cannot include all scripts, but those are the most useful, I think.

I do lessons exclusively on PC, but when doing reviews I’ll just use whatever device I have nearby. When I’m at home I use PC, and when not at home I use Flaming Durtles.

as soon as I started WK, I was using only flamming durtles for lessons and reviews.

But since level 15 I prefer now to use the laptop for lessons, because it is not crammed all the wall of text mnemonics in the small screen.

for reviews during the day at work, I use anki mode in flamming durtles.

I recommend “jakeipu”. Way better then flaming durtles. It even looks more similar to wk ^^

Flaming Durtles in Anki Mode exclusively. There are no scripts that I need that are not already incorporated in the app. Anki Mode renders the “speed” point others have been mentioning moot.

PC but I use my phone when I realize I haven’t done anything that day and I need to do some more Japanese.