WaniKani New Audio Update: Part 2

I’m looking forward to hearing the new female voice, personally.


What I’d really love to see is audio for the context sentences, like iKnow has. That’s probably outside the scope of any planned updates, but one can dream…


Great article. I just find it Interesting that WK chose the declining, posh, upper-middle class dialect from Tokyo as the basis for their brand-new, professionally-recorded audio files. Especially since all the confusion it has already stirred up due to the fact that many an English-based brain seems to perceive it as an “m” sound. To me it is a little bit like having a lesson on the English word “towel” and then having the recording be a southern gentleman from Atlanta saying “ta-al”. Great that the English learner will get the opportunity to learn about the southern dialect, but are they best served by having them try to speak like that? :man_shrugging:t2:


I doubt very much that Tofugu specifically instructed the voice actor to speak in a certain way. It’s more likely that’s what the voice actor thinks is the correct proper pronunciation and that’s why he chose to pronounce it like this. There are many who were brought up that this is proper 標準語 so I don’t think it’s surprising that this voice actor uses it. The other vocab resource I’m using, iKnow, also has audio pronounced with 鼻濁音, it’s not something as rare as you seem to think it is. Also the JLPT listening section recordings also use it, so it’s good to expose yourself to it during your studies :man_shrugging:


I’m not saying that the chosen Tokyo dialect is rare. Certainly southern USA twang is not and I would hope that Tofugu knew the dialect they selected when they hired the voice actor and spent their resources to provide the audio that will now be the basis for their lessons. I reck’n if JLPT is using it, that maybe a clue as to why Tofugu chose it. Personally, I just know the frustration of trying to punch in おおもえ instead of おおごえ when I’m asked for the reading of 大声 and eventually seeing “V Apprentice”. I’ll get there though, possibly speaking like a posh old man from Tokyo :grin:

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The audio for 丘陵きゅうりょう seems to say きゅうりゅう



I guess it’d be interesting to know, does everyone else hear those two clips as more or less identical or not?

They sound pretty much exactly the same for me

Kinda yeah, it sounds the same to me.

Interesting. I’ll just blame it on my bad hearing not liking the MP3 compression then. :slight_smile:

Not a fan of the new voice either. It’s so aggressive it’s bordering on being ridiculous.


Talking about a war ship doesn’t mean you have to pronounce it as while giving orders as an imperial commander.


Nobody speaks like this. Relax, it’s just a collar.

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Audio for context sentences would be a big improvement. They took some time to clean up the mnemonics and would likely require significant time to clean up those sentences before dedicating voice recording resources. We can dream. :smiley:


Tweak 3 updated. Thanks seanblue!

I don’t particularly mind the new voices (or the old one). He’s Japanese and has a better diction than 99.9% of learners will ever have, that’s all it matters. Considering how huge a task is to record thousands of clips I wouldn’t want them to spend any more time or resources on this and concentrate instead on things with bigger impact.


Tbh I kind of like the new audio style. The voice might sound a bit loud and military, but it enunciates pretty well, so I have a more clear view of what the pronounciation should be. Then again, I do not know if this enunciation is too much in real life.


Yes, it certainly sounds like きゅうりゅう to me as well.

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After listening to the new recordings for a couple of weeks, I’ve grown accustomed to them on my laptop, but I still strongly dislike the aggressiveness when I’m using headphones while using my phone. I can’t turn the headphones down low enough to get to a point where it does not feel like he is barking words at me. The only time I have the volume above mute on my phone now for WK is when I’m feeling drowsy at work and could use being woken up a little.

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Um ok, I’ve just realised I never get a female voice for any item? Don’t get me wrong I like the whole update idea, but male only?? I can has sexy female voice?

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The new voice sounds really familiar, like I’ve heard it in an anime somewhere. Anybody know who it is?

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